Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Small Discoveries

Not only can you use the hose extender tube from the vacuum cleaner to sing into, you can also use it to poke the cat at a safe distance!

Not only do cups make a nice noise when being thrown down stairs, but it brings mommy and daddy running!

Everything in Sister's room is fascinating!

If it's on a highchair tray, it's not good to eat. If it's on mommy's plate, it's yummy! If it's on the floor, it's even better!

Daddy will run away if you growl at him. Mommy will scream if you chase her. Especially if your hands are messy.

Music is for dancing. Books are made for chewing. Paper is for tearing.

Kissing my twin (Mmmm-wah!) will make mommy and daddy laugh.

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