Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baking Bagels Part II

Oh yes I did!

As good as my word, I put together the bagel dough from the Big Book O' Food last night and was never so glad I had a Kitchenaid mixer. They weren't kidding, that dough is stiff!

It was pretty easy to do, but time intensive. Mix the dough, roll it into balls and let them rest.

Roll the balls into ropes.

Form them into bagels.

Let 'em rise in the fridge over night.

After a night of retarding in the fridge (I love learning new baking terms!), they looked like this (A little puffier.):

Then it was time for boiling and draining and coating them in a topping (A little more puffy after boiling. I coated them in three flavors: kosher salt, sesame seed and onion).

Finally, it was time to bake!

They look gorgeous!

Comparison shot.

Too bad there's only 8 of them!

In a couple more days, I will try the AB5M recipe, substituting the high gluten flour and barley malt syrup and see how it does. Now, I must go taste test one of my fresh bagels! (I wrote this while waiting for them to cool.)


Missy said...

Those bagels look amazing. I am extremely impressed! Not to mention hungry for bagels now..

screamish said...

hey can someone tell me WHAT IS KOSHER SALT?? I see it everywhere in US recipes, but whats the diff between normal salt and kosher salt? has it been blessed by a rabbi or what?

Janet said...

You are absolutely amazing, Tracy!
Not to mention that next time I visit from NY I will not have to bring one suitcase of bagels & have my luggage smell like onion & garlic for the next year!!! Those are gorgeous bagels - can't wait to hear how they tasted. Kosher salt probably was blessed by a rabbi but it is very coarse & much tastier, like sea salt, & much less unhealthy.

alessa said...

When I worked at a bakery in Asheville, I boiled bagels. And fried donuts. Still love the bagels, because that's all I had to do with them. I hate donuts to this day. I will only eat a donut with my crazy friend Dave, late at night, and feel sick for hours afterward....You'd think I'd learn, but I don't. It's a good thing I don't see him too often.

Also have made bagels at home. Too much effort for the product, so I've never done them again...May have too if your 5MD experiment is successful.

Caitlin said...

they were really, really yummy, mommy! i love you!-Caitlin

ellen said...

Wow, that is a lot of work to get bagels. I didn't realize you had to boil them. They do look delicious though.

Scylla said...

Mmm.... I wonder where I could go to get a fresh baked homemade bagel?


Scylla said...

Mmm.... I wonder where I could go to get a fresh baked homemade bagel?


Solanaceae said...

If memory serves me correctly Kosher salt gets its name because it is used to make meats Kosher & not because it is in and of itself a "kosher food". It actually should be called "koshering salt" and not "kosher salt"

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Solan: you are correct. It is kosherING salt, truly, but it's just called kosher salt. You could probably substitute sea salt and it would work just as well. The idea is large, coarse grains.

Misty: you want bagels? You gotta come ovah!

Ellen: no more work than QUILTING! OK, maybe less work.

Alessa: dare I even ASK about doughnuts? Eek!

Janet: thanks!

Missy: Thanks!

Screamish: you should totally make some! BTW, you can substitute regular salt for kosher salt, but you need to adjust the amount. If you search online I'm sure someone will mention exactly how much less table salt to use.

Caitlin: hugs!

alessa said...

No, don't ask about frying donuts. I'd feel like I was coated in oil afterwards. I don't have anything to do with the dough or anything, just come in and get to frying. And glazing. Which is about as glamorous as it sounds.

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