Monday, August 24, 2009


First corn from our garden!
This is the very first time I've ever grown corn, in my memory. I remember selling seeds for Burpee when I was in elementary school as a fundraiser, but I don't remember growing any.

I wasn't sure how the corn would do in our raised beds, tightly packed together, but the truth is, it did just fine!

And let me tell you, it was tasty!

Or wait, I don't have to tell you. The kids will.

Emma shares some bites of my ear of corn. I'm such a good mom. I share.

Om nom nom nom!

Dis mine?


Nibble! Nibble! Nibble!

They liked it. A lot.

I guess I'll have to make room in the garden for corn again next year!

My favorite comedy skit related to corn. It starts at 3:15 and kills me at 4:17. Bobby Lee is hysterical!

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