Friday, August 14, 2009

Dante's Inferno Gains a New Ring

I swear, sometimes...Motherhood seems like it has to be a new ring in Hell.

There's the hell of repetitive, mindless drudgery. The hell of other people's bodily fluids on your body. But most recently, I spent time in the hell of Math Practice.

And friends, it wasn't pretty.




I think we get punished based on not minding out own mothers when we were kids. So I feel pretty confident that one day Caitlin is gonna suffer as I suffer, with an 8 year old girl and any sort of practice session.

In the mean time...I don't know what I did, but I'm sorry, Mom!

Countdown to First Day of School: Six days.



Scylla said...

I have told you about calling my mother in the middle of a particularly difficult day and simply apologizing for everything I had ever done to her haven't I?

She was stunned.

I live for the day I get the same call from Monkey.

screamish said...

maths?? nobody told me i needed to know maths to be a mother. this is outrageous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes - the mother's curse - how well I remember my mother glaring at me when I was young and saying through clenched teeth "I hope you have one just like you!!!" And I did, and it ain't easy. However, I now think back on the pleasure my mother would get from sitting back and watching the two of us duke it out. To my credit, I have never said it to my daughter (but I have thought it, wrote it, signed it, mimed it.....)

Shaari1 said...

Love reading the blog, and yes, I live in fear of the day my child will turn to me and say "please explain polynomials, Dad."

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Misty: Yup. You told me. I'm looking forward to that same day over here.

Screamish: Maths are the least of it. You also have to put up with 8 year old girls! Argh! It's a phase. It's a phase! It's a phase!

Anon: Caitlin's already gotten the curse. I'm gonna double whammy her soon and hope she has twins. Just like her.

Shaari: Hello! Polynomials?! Noooo!

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