Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of 3rd Grade

On Thursday, Caitlin started school again.

Hooray for school being in session again! Hooray!

I'd like to tell you that our morning getting ready was idyllic and peaceful. Everyone getting ready as they were supposed to, babies happy to tag along and get Caitlin to school on time. However, I live in the real world where no matter how excited your 8 year old is to go back to school, she still doesn't want to brush her teeth or hair. After addressing those issues, we ate breakfast and zipped off to school.

Caitlin, before school in her Rock 'n Roll pose.

I had meant to walk her up with the twins in the carriage, but mornings are pretty crazy as is and we never seem to have the extra 30 minutes to spare. Besides, pushing ~40 lbs of twins and ~20 lbs of carriage up hill is no joke at 7:30 am.

We arrived in plenty of time for the general hanging out with all of the other moms and dads. Caitlin did better this year on the willingness to say hello to all of her classmates (Unlike last year. Wow! Look at how much younger she looks one year ago!), for which I was very glad. After a few more minutes and a few more requests to not read books in class, they all marched indoors and the school year was officially under way.

I noted that this year she now has just as many years left in elementary school as she has completed: three. An odd thought, that. It seems like it's lasting for-EV-er, and yet it's half way over! I also note that in 3 more years, the twins will be starting elementary school. [Heavy breathing ensues.] Not that I'm counting or anything.

After school, I did trudge up the mountainous hill to pick her up, with twins in their gianto-mobile. There were smooches to be had.
Caitlin prepares to eat Logan whole.

And smooches to be withheld.
No smoochies for you!

But she's still my Caitlin.
3rd grade? Already?!

And I had to drag the details of the day out of her.

Some things just never change.

Logan says: All you ladies not to worry about mah smoochies. I gotz plenty more for you. Mmmmwah!

How did your back to school rituals go? Smoothly? Not so smoothly? What's your favorite part?


Cousin Janet from NY said...

She certainly looks so much older than the first day last year!!! Awfully cute, still, though. The NY fan club enjoyed the pictures. Thanks.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

She does look crazy older than last year! Woo!

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