Tuesday, August 04, 2009

She's Back!

Caitlin, cucumber grower.

And she's mine! All mine!

She asked me to show you the cucumbers she grew in her garden, by the way.
They were yummy, too!

Her weeks of globe trotting are over. No more dog slobber.
Bonnie likes Caitlin. Yum!

No more trains, planes, automobiles, subways, buses, ferries,


or rollercoasters (Dawn mentioned that they managed to ride on every form of transportation possible during Caitlin's visit.). Now it's back to normal.

They got in late on Sunday and arrived at my house so late that it became Monday. Then I squeezed her so hard that her head popped off, just like I said I would.

True to form, she's bored today. While I secretly bet myself that she'd complain about being bored her very first day back (like this time), she waited until today. Right now, she's sitting behind me and is looking for something to do, but doesn't like the options I'm giving her.

Yeah, she's back. And I'm glad. Must be time to go squish her some more.


Jennifer H said...

Yay, she's home! Looks like she had the time of her life. Did my - I mean YOUR :) - babies miss her? Glad you have her home where you can squish her all you want.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Actually, when the babies saw her the next morning, they were really quiet - they didn't squeal and scream with glee like I thought they might. Instead, they looked, did a double take and then gave her sweet, huge smiles. It was lovely.

Um...I think they kinda forgot her!

Squishing is a daily occurrence, now.

Dawn said...

Squish her - tell her she has to write stories about Mary and Mattie the two rabbit girls who are running their very own bakery. Mrs. Moo needs 13 cakes - we need pictures drawn. BTW - while waiting for the plane I drew a pic then she spent a good while coloring it in - sounds like Mommy/Bunny fun time to me! Oh and she needs to list the different types of cookies Mary & Mattie had to make in their 2nd story - lemon/yellow crescent moon shaped ones, teddy bear shaped, chocolate chip mountain shaped.... You get the idea & you could always make some of the cookies for real and send samples or share pictures ya know! HINT! HINT! I know cookies can be mailed!

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