Monday, September 28, 2009

They Turned Two!

Blowing out a pair of tea candles.*

They made it through another 365 days, believe it or not. And what do I have to show for it? Not very many pictures at all. Fortunately for me, Misty stepped in to do some shooting, because I was so busy messing with the cake that I didn't take any until the party was ending. Of course, to make matters worse, I didn't take the time to empty my card, so there are even fewer photos than there might have been. Sorry Misty!

It's been a tough year, alrighty.

Anyway, yeah. The twins! Are two! Holy moly!

Emma wants to know what the big deal is.

I just wanted a clean house and a cake. I got a mostly clean house and a chocolate cake. The twins got to eat cake with Grammy and Grampy in the backyard, who didn't realize that the twins would eat the entire piece I put in the bowl and had to come back for more. I was gonna say something, but they moved so fast out of the kitchen and the massive pile up around the cake that I never had a chance.

Small surprise that those two can say "Cake" really clearly, isn't it?

I realized, later, that I was so busy cleaning right up until the first knock on the door that I never changed my own clothing into something nicer or their clothing into something more festive. Dang it! So. Hmm. Scruffy.

Year Two is all about The Scruff.

Logan showing off his chocolate face.

The company was good, though. Even though I keep trying to keep the parties small, once you get past immediate blood family, you have close friends that you always have to invite and then suddenly it's a party of 8 adults and 9 children. Eek! That's my version of small, alright.
Otter was there and cute as a button, although still terrifying to Logan. Again. (Photo by Misty!)

Everyone brought snacks to share and there was general hanging around, snacking, singing, cake and ice cream. By request there was only one present to open (Because this house is Full. No Vacancy to new toys.), which the twins descended upon once everyone said goodbye and we were entering the Calm after the Birthday Party Storm. Turns out that Grammy and Grampy need not have bothered with anything other than tissue paper.
The real thrill of birthdays: wrapping paper.

Oh and they liked the little cars, too, once the tissue paper went away.

Over all, it was a good day with little explosions of melodrama as these days usually are, but that just seems to be how we roll.

Happy birthday to my monkeys! Onto the Terrible Twos Times Two! Yeee-haaaaa!

* I've got a pile of number candles. Where are the 2s? Why can't I find any regular candles? Did someone eat them or something? Had to make do with tea candles. The twins didn't care since they didn't blow out their own candles this year anyway. Maybe next year.


screamish said...

well done!! you made it!! ours just celebrated their first bday, and i was so relieved to have made it so far...i'm off to look thru your archives to see what's in store for us...

Mommy Daisy said...

Happy Birthday to the kiddos! It sounds like the party was a big hit!

Also, congrats Mama for getting them through their 2nd year!

Jennifer H said...

They look as sweet and yummy as cake! Happy birthday to my favorite 2 year olds!!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks, ladies!

Screamish: run! : )

ellen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Hava said...

Happy Birthday Logan & Emma!

Scylla said...

It was such a fun party. Why don't we all party more often?

It's that life crap isn't it?

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