Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hummingbirds: Minimum Two

One to drink the flower nectar and one to chase it off.

Enjoying the 'Heather Queen' agastache that overwintered in a pot on the deck last year.

Here's one (the same one?) enjoying the Texas Hummingbird Sage in a pot on the deck.

Here's one at the bird bath, behind a tomato plant.

OK, that's not a hummingbird! That's a finch! He was cute, though.

I still haven't tried getting outside really early and laying in wait with a saucer of sugar water in my hand. I really need to try that. These birds really aren't afraid of me eating them. I move way too slow!

Of course, if I do that, who will take the pictures?!

Heeeere birdie, birdie, birdie!

Ahhh! Hummingbirds! My summer is complete!

I've admitted to my wildlife obsession. What's yours?


Jennifer H said...

I was thinking "That's a big hummingbird!"

Beautiful flowers, and I always love to see hummingbirds. It's an event.

Missy said...

Most recently it was bears. I spent a lot of time last week looking for bears in the mountains.

I got to see part of a bear feeding in some bushes. No full on bear action unfortunately.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Jennifer: Thanks! I never get tired of seeing the hummers. I may not be able to photograph them well, or often, but I love seeing them and admiring their lightning speed.

Missy: Ooh...bears! I'd like to see one from a GREAT DISTANCE. Perhaps with an extremely long camera lens attached to my camera as well.

Zoe Ann Hinds said...

I just love hummingbirds! Summer just isn't the same without seeing them and these beautiful birds always make me remember my mother who also loved them as well. My love of hummingbirds comes from my mom and the hummingbirds help me keep my mom's memory alive.

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