Monday, August 18, 2008

My own brand of stupid

You'd think I'd learn!


Visit from Girlfriend + Yummy flavored black tea for 3 days in a row = Caffeinated breastmilk.

Caffeine + Twins = No naps.

No naps + Hyper Twins = Cranky babies.

Visit from GF + Staying up waaaaay late = No sleep.

No sleep + Cranky babies = Cranky sleepy Hatchet lusting after caffeinated teas.

You see my problem?

The twins have no caffeine tolerance. That's the problem!

Whaaaat? Don't look at me like thaaat! [Shifty eyes.]


elisava said...

okay.. if i could have a girlfriend over, talk shit and slumberparty, AND goto the movies, i'd be twirling in my bed like a top. we all don't get much sleep, at least you had fun.

sorry we missed you val, maybe next trip we'll rate...

Bobbi said...

Interesting 3 days!

My babies couldn't handle caffeine either when I was breastfeeding - caffeine and onions! Caffeine cranky kids with upset-tummy and onion gas - pee-u!

Elaine A. said...

I have to say this reminds me of a story... the one where I laughed a little (or a lot) at my neighbor when she didn't understand why her son wouldn't go to sleep at night after she handed him his sippy cup full of iced tea. hmmmmm.... ; )

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