Thursday, August 28, 2008

Growing Challenge: Veggie Parade

Just so you know, this isn't one day's haul.

It's two day's hauls. On Saturday, I pulled in a load of tomatoes, beans, basil and tomatillos while friends were over for dinner.

Caitlin shows off four Sungold cherry tomatoes.

We had fresh pesto over linguine with sauteed crookneck squash. Caitlin, being allergic to nuts, had linguine with butter and grated parmesan cheese with fresh tomatoes chopped on top. She liked it so much she had four helpings. Yay!

Emma shows you her flood of tomatoes.

I gave away a bunch of stuff, too.

Persimmon (left), Caspian Pink (right) and Principe Borghese (small) tomatoes.

We chopped some up into a spaghetti sauce Eric made last night. Some were eaten as a caprese salad.

Tomatillos, waiting to become salsa.

The green beans were devoured by one and all. The twins really like green beans.
A veritable sea of tomatoes.

Sometimes I just like looking at them. All of those colors! I was aiming for a rainbow of tomatoes and I think I managed it!
Yellow = Candy's Old Yellow. Purple = Cherokee Purple. Yellow/orange = Pineapple. Small oval red = Principe. Small round red = Stupice. Orange = Persimmon. Pink with green shoulders = Casian Pink. Small orange = Sungold.

Green beans are delectable.
Eat me!

They're not always perfect. I have plenty of cracking going on. Some were hard to get to and rotted on the vine. Some are on the edge of being over ripe. Too many are watery - I'm still fiddling with my watering system.
Big yellow.

But even when watery, they're still yummy. Especially drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
Cherokee Purple and Pineapple.

All of that? That was just Saturday. This is today's haul.

Basket o' goodies.

Except that I forgot to photograph the first basket that I'd brought in. This is the second.

Purple tomatillos and cherry tomatoes.

This was my beast tomato. Twenty one ounces. Hopefully the watering issue is worked out and this will be as yummy as it is pretty.

How shall I eat thee? Let me count the ways!

I loved watching Caitlin's reaction to this pile of cherry tomatoes.
Yellow = Snow White. Red = Gardener's Delight. Orange = Sungold.

Did I mention that I can't get to the tomatoes in the middle of the bed? I'm going to have to do something desperate to get in there.
Crookneck squash.

Hidden on the bottom: zucchini.

Yup. I seem to be in the middle of a tomato glut. Must be time for soup!


Bobbi said...

Wow - what a haul!

The Book Lady Online said...

Your produce is beautiful! I am positively jealous of your tomatoes. They look delicious. We had a slow tomato year in our garden, plus, I didn't discover heirlooms until I found them at the farmer's market (much too late to plant my own), so our garden tomatoes were just romas. Next year, though, I hope to have a beautiful rainbow like yours :o) Thanks for the inspiration :o)

Red Flashlight said...

Cracked but deeeee-lishious! How about making a path through the center of the tomatoey goodness? Too late for this year, I suppose. Or you could invent a "tomato picker" on a pole. With a basket below. Or something. Let's experiment?

Anonymous said...

Yummy, pesto, pasta and fresh tomatoes - will there still be some at the end of the month?

Scylla said...

Damn. I forgot my tomato plant again.

Please please please shove it into my car on Saturday!! Along with some extra fruits of your vine!!!!


Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks everyone!

Book Lady: growing the rainbow has been a lot of fun. I highly recommend it! But leave more space between your tomato plants! Do as I say and not as I do because I'm GREAT on theory!

Red: You'll have to see it to believe it. Poles won't help.

Dawn: Yeah! There should still be some, assuming the weather doesn't make and abrupt shift to cold. Probably won't! All else fails, I'll make a bunch and freeze it. I should be doing that anyway!

Misty: Yes ma'am! I hope your plant fits in your car!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are too intense for my stomach, mouth and brain.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Matt: Bwahahahaaa! And you call yourself a vegetarian?! Man up and face the veggies!

Melinda said...

I love the photo of your little helper! Beautiful photos of beautiful pickings!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Melinda!

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