Monday, September 01, 2008


She asked me if I would grow her a watermelon. I said I didn't know, but that I'd try. I looked up how to grow a melon in our ridiculously arid climate, with our short growing season and followed directions.

Caitlin planted the seeds and I watered them. We watched over our babies for months (Well, okay, one of us got bored after a few days of nothing happening, but I watched over them!) and months. Waiting. Eighty three days.

For this moment.

A basket full of goodies.

Turns out that I could grow a watermelon. Now the only question that remained was this: Was it good? I left it up to Caitlin to tell me.

First we cut it open to peer inside.

Caitlin's Sugar Baby watermelon.

Ayup. Appeared to be a melon, alright! It weighed in at 6.2 lbs and it had an urgent date with our tummies.

She took the first bite.
Munch, munch, munch.

And came up smiling.

I guess we'll be making room in our garden for melons from now on, huh?

It was good. As in gooooooood. Drippy. Juicy. Sweet. Just the way a watermelon should be!

It was (Dare I even say it?!) even better than a tomato. Gasp!

What's the best thing you've had out of your garden all season? Or from the market for those of you without gardens?


Bobbi said...

I love watermelon - but I've not had much success growing them in KY. However, I do have great luck with pumpkins! I have some really huge ones right now, just waiting for harvest.

Scylla said...

The best thing I have had has been your tomatoes, which btw, were turned into an amazing spaghetti sauce and eaten over al dente noodles to satisfied slurping sounds of the whole family.

You've uh... got more of those don't you?

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

just wanted you to know: ramdomly found your blog. i'm a long-time blogger myself. love yours. i'm preggo with twins now. thanks for the info on your set.

Lindsay Teague Moreno.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Bobbi: Ooh! Pumpkins! I'm hoping mine are going to be alright since I seem to have a bit of mildew going on amongst the squashes. And by "bit of mildew" I mean scary heaps. I'm terrified.

Misty: Yay! And, why YES, I do! You'll have to come back, won't you?

LTM: Hi there! I hope you find useful or hysterically funny info on twins somewhere in here. There might even be some good stuff hidden amongst the veggies. Thanks for dropping by!

Kimberly said...

I'm seriously impressed! I may have to give it a shot next year.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Kimberly: Give it a go! Just make sure you start them before your last frost date inside, then move the little plants outside 2 weeks AFTER your last frost date. They like lots of heat, so if you put down black plastic mulch, you'll give them a head start.

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