Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer Hooligans

As we were waiting for the game to begin, I mentioned to Eric that we should pick up a pair of the folding chairs everyone else seemed to have.

"If we really wanted to, we could probably just go over and take some from those soccer moms." I suggested with an evil grin. "Pow! Soccer Mom drops [Folding Chair]."
"Yeah, the only problem is then you'd lose faction. Your faction with the PTA has decreased! Your faction with Soccer Moms has decreased! Your faction with Soccer Hooligans has increased!"
"Good point."

I think we've been playing too much Warcraft again.


Oh what a difference a week makes! After spending the last week grilling her on the positions and what the players do, reminding her that we never sit down on the field unless injured and that her job is to chase the ball, Caitlin did remarkably better.

Indeed, I remarked upon it. As did several of the other parents.

She and her team did so well, in fact, that they actually won. Three to zero.

Two, four, six, eight! Who do we appreciate? The other team!

High fives all around.

I also noticed that we weren't the only parents giving our kid last minute instructions. I heard furtive whispers of: OK, where do you stand? What's your position?

I'm glad it wasn't just us!

As for Caitlin? She really enjoyed herself this time. She wore her glasses, paid attention, chased the ball and actually managed to kick it around a few times and defend her position. Awesome!


Madge said...

go Caitlin, go!

pamsvulcan said...

Woohoo! GOOOAAAAAAAL! *jumping and cheering from the sidelines* (okay so the sidelines are all the way in NY) - but still - proud auntie is always proud of Caitlin!

Scott said...

Ok.. teach her about Zone defense. Man to man is great for basketball, but kids soccer ends up being a clump that follows the ball around the field. Open field FTW!

Jennifer H said...

Go Caitlin!

Reminds me to call about soccer...

I have to remind my girl that fixing her ponytail during a run down the field is something that could maybe wait. :-)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks, gang! Caitlin was very excited and kept walking around talking about how SHE won the game. We had to remind her that it was a TEAM effort.

Such fun!

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