Monday, September 29, 2008

Doctor! Doctor!

Following hard on the heels of the big birthday bash, our favorite twins had their 12 month doctor visit today, where we discovered that it is possible to fall off the growth chart for boys.

Who knew?!


  • Length: 27.5" <>
  • Weight: 17 lb 8 oz <>
  • Head: 18"50-75th %ile*
  • Length: 27.75" 10-25th %ile
  • Weight: 17 lb 13 oz 5-10th %ile
  • Head: 17.75"50-75th %ile*
Logan still has no teeth, while Emma just has the bottom middle pair fully in and ready to rumble. I think she may be working on the upper middle set, but nothing is currently visible. Both babies were pronounced "Perfect!" yet again by the doctor and that Logan is clearly working on his very own growth curve and that his weight loss is to be expected with all of the high speed crawling.

Emma walks around a lot now, doing her best imitation of a baby zombie: "Ehnnn! Meeeeeyulk!"

I suppose I could have likened her to a penguin or something, but zombie is where my head goes when I watch her toddling around. (Eek! A toddler!)

Logan is still working on the Three Steps and Fall! dance program. He's gonna be awhile, I think.

As for the family visit wrap-up, I'm still processing. Perhaps I'll have something deep and meaningful to write about it tomorrow. See ya then!

* Apparently my huge noggin has been passed on to the children. Itty bitty babies with statistically large heads. Clearly there must be a lotta brains in there!


Nicole said...

Yay for healthy babies!! My boys have all fallen off the chart at one time or another. The ped is also philosophical about it. We like these pioneer-type boys!

elisava said...

hazel also fell off the chart at about a year (when she started walking). so did my cousin's kid. i think they skinny-out when they start getting around. kate is starting to skinny up as well.

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