Monday, September 22, 2008

Walkin' but not yet Talkin'

So the twins decided to show off for my mom and dad (Who came visiting in time for the big birthday party this coming Saturday.) and started really walking. As in more than three weebly-wobbly steps and then falling onto their bums. Now they do 6 to 8 steps and then fall over. Much better! Then, when we went up to the mountains to party with Grammy and Grampy at their wedding reception, they decided to show off for them as well, wowing the whole family.

Hanging out with my folks has been interesting. Both of the twins, but Logan especially, are fascinated with my father. He actively tries to get my dad to pick him up - it's incredibly endearing to watch. I suspect it's because he's very calm and quiet. I've noticed that both twins are immediately attracted to anyone that stays quiet around them. Squealing tends to frighten them a little, but once they've warmed up to you, feel free to squeal. They'll squeal right back.

Or roar.

Emma is a roar-er. It's ridiculously cute, too.

She also beeps.

She was pressing my nose and as is my wont, I was beeping in time to her pressing. Then I beeped her nose. She looked me right in the eye and said, "Beep." Then, just to give me that little extra thrill, she pushed on my nose once more and said it again, "Beep."

The child is clearly brilliant!

Bet you didn't know nose beeping was a clear indicator of intelligence, did you? Well, you heard it here first!


Jennifer H said...

I bet she's adorable! Beeping and roaring...

Brilliant and so cute...

I can't believe they're both walking!

Scylla said...

Very cute!!

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