Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Family Occasion

We all went up to the mountains this weekend to watch Grammy and Grampy get hitched.

The lovely, young, happy couple.

Well, turns out, we were actually all there to eat, since the actual gettin' hitched part took place in a county courthouse a few days before the party. That's okay, though. We like to eat. And run around with the cousins. There are quite a few of them now, especially when we include the step-cousins!
Buried under a pile of grandkids.

It was a good time to get some family photos done.
Jenni and her boyz.

It's also when I discovered that I we're going to have to work on our moves when it comes time for Xmas card season!

Caitlin tries to snack on Logan.

Picturesque posers.

Just to prove a point, Eric took a picture of me.
C'est moi. Outstanding in my field. Har-dee-har! Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

Well, nevermind all that. I bet you really want to know is what the twins were doing. They were doing some of this:
All terrain walkin' baby.

And some of that:
Catchin' some air.

And a lot of this (Prepare yourself!):
Prince Charming.

Logan had turn up his Charm setting to 11. He was unstoppable! Women melted into puddles when he staggered by.

We had a great time and were reminded yet again that having a flying car or a teleporter would be really nice for those extra long car trips. The drive is pretty, don't get me wrong, but it's loooong. Especially with three children in the car. Even though all three are very good travelers, they do get sick of being cooped up for a long while with nothing to look at but one another.

Oh and we also discovered that caffeine seems to run through my system and into the twins in 12 hour increments.

The hard way.

Eric made a vanilla latte for me so that I could stay awake on the drive up and keep him company. Neither of us reckoned on Logan's reaction to the caffeine that I drank at 1 pm would drive him buggy at 1 am. He was wired. We were exhausted. Emma, being the champion sleeper that she is, shrugged it right off and slept until the morning. Logan needs to take some notes! On the way home I didn't touch a single drop of caffeine.


You know what? It just struck me that this may be the last wedding I ever go to until the next generation starts getting hitched! I think everyone I know is actually married now.


Does that make me aged?!



Cindy said...

Congrats to your Inlaws!

BTW you look super foxy for just having had twins last year, I am jealous! ;)

Umm, Dawn is getting hitched next year remember?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Oops! You're right!

Of course it does say MAY BE the last. Clearly I was immediately wrong.

Sorry Dawn!

Oh and thanks! Breastfeeding twins ROCKS for weight loss!

Jennifer H said... I'm considering trying for twins. Wait, maybe I should just join a gym.

Love, love all the pictures. You have such a great-looking family! It's so funny to see the twins walking now - they look so big, and still ridiculously cute.

Cousin Janet from NY said...

Wow, Tracy, you DO loook GREAT!!!!
Took me 23 years to lose the weight
from a single baby - guess twins IS the way to go, weigh-loss-wise!
Grammy & Grampy look very happy & I am so envious of my aunt, only 8 years older than me, with all those
gor-giss grandchildren. Guess I have to wait a little longer. Thanks for all the beautiful photos of my beautiful, faraway family. Love, Jane

Cousin JaneTTT from NY said...

Not JANE!!!!!!

Cindy said...

I'm also nearing the end of the weddings. But thanks to gay marriage in CA, I've got at least one more. There's nothing I like better than a wedding! Kills me to think how old I'll be when all our kids finally get there.

A very nice bunch of family pictures!

Danook said...

If nobody you know is getting married, I guess that means that I don't need to stress over wedding plans! :-)

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