Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eating my way through summer

Yogurt. Brownies. Tomatillo salsa. Cherry cobbler. Vanilla ice cream. Peach smoothies. Chocolate ice cream. Caramel sauce.

Now that I have a bit more sleep, my desire to cook and bake has been restored. I've also been looking into fun things like cheese making (Can't find a local source of citric acid, so my mozzarella making is on hold.) and breadmaking (Just picked up a book called Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day from the library. The secret? Moist dough in large batches so that there's always dough ready in the fridge. I must try it!). Oh, I've made bread before, but it's been awhile, so I thought it was time to try something new and this book looks like it might be the start of a beautiful new relationship with bread.

Last night I gave in to a craving: I made caramel sauce to go with some store bought vanilla ice cream. In the jar at the store, it was $8 for the organic sauce. At home the main cost is time.

That explains why I've just spent a couple of hours turning semi-crushed peaches (The boxes fell over. An actual "windfall". Har! Har! I'll be here all week!) into a peach crisp and several cups of frozen peaches for use in shakes and smoothies.

Mmmm! Peach crisp!

Anyone have any good recipes for tomatillos? I'm all ears!


Jeff Hertzberg said...

I'm Jeff Hertzberg, one of the co-authors of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I'm so glad our recipes are working well for you. Come visit us anytime at, where you can post questions into any "Comments" field, or click on "Bread Questions" on the left side of the homepage and choose among the options.

Jeff Hertzberg

Chicago tribune video:

Pixi Rae said...

tomatilla salsa?

Bobbi said...

Okay, you've officially made me hungry! I'm waiting for the dough to rise on the yeast rolls I'm baking today. I'll have to check out this Artisan Bread book; it sounds right up my alley!

feedingtimeatthezoo said...

I need tomatillo ideas too!

I checked that book out from the library too (probably the same book!). After a few days my bread smelled moldy and I just didn't feel right about it. Must go ask about it on their blog. The first batch however was di-vine. I ate the whole loaf myself.

Yum, yum, yum!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Jeff: Errr...thanks! *blink blink*

Pixi: Yup, but I need a good recipe.

Bobbi: Bwahahaaa! Of course, I make myself hungry all the time. It's a darned good thing I'm nursing, let me tell you!

Nicole: that's funny! Maybe it's supposed to smell like mold? Eek! I need more space in my fridge to get started.

Pixi Rae said...

Well, here's one Alton Brown tomatilla recipe:
And here's another...

Of course, I have no experience with actually making tomatilla salsa. I'm just happy I actually got one cherry tomato and one cucumber out of my containers this year. :-)

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