Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time and its lack

Have you ever noticed how no matter that everyone has exactly the same number of hours in their day, somehow you never have enough?

That somehow two babies can conspire to fill up every single moment of your day with their needs, even though their needs are relatively small. Yet, somehow, we're always in an endless cycle of feed, clean, play, sleep.

To give you an idea, here's a typical day:

Wake, nurse, feed breakfast, put down for first nap, eat breakfast, spend an hour cleaning up the disaster zone they leave behind, sit down to catch up on emails for 5 to 15 minutes and pow! The twins are awake again. You can leave them to play with each other in their cribs if they continue making happy sounds. As soon as the sounds turn to cries, it's time to pull them out, possibly nurse them, feed them lunch, put them down to play for awhile, each lunch yourself, start cleaning, put them down for naps when they get cranky, finish cleaning and sit down for a minute or try to work on your own projects for a moment - but wait! Now it's time to get Caitlin from school.

Repeat the first cycle after picking Caitlin up and then it's dinner time. It's only after dinner that we have any time to ourselves.

Earlier today I skipped out on clean up and went to go play with my compost. I sifted a huge pile of it yesterday and spent about an hour today with Eric shifting the current pile into the middle bin to start it heating up again. There was a good article on how to build your own 3 bin composter in the November issue of Organic Gardening (Thanks Janet!). So if you don't have one, but were thinking about getting or making one, I'd recommend a 3 bin (BTW, they didn't pay me or anything, I just like OG and love composting.). You would be amazed how much we keep out of our trash stream by composting everything we can and almost all of our yard waste. I toss the seed filled weeds and bindweed, as a general rule.

After sifting about 160 lbs of finished compost, I had the best feeling of accomplishment. It's so hard to get anything that takes longer than a few minutes together done that I really enjoy beginning and ending a task in the same day.

Maybe tomorrow I can rake a few leaves or start cleaning up the front yard.

Dream big, Hatchet! Dream big!

How do you get anything done?

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Nicole said...

I'm just here to see if anyone has an answer. I get a ton done if you consider picking up Lego's, getting a kid two and from school and breastfeeding accomplishments. You don't? Yeah, I need advice too!

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