Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wrestled to the floor

The twins just wanted to drop by and say "Hi!"

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hiiiiii!

And to check in on you.
How you doin'?! We havin' snacks. You like pancake? I like pancake!

Also, Logan thought you might still be worried about his eyes, since I didn't include a picture of them in the last post about said eyes.
Dey still blue. A little more grey wif da blue.

Emma wants you to know that she can make far more noises than just Roar!
Deedle! Deedle! Deedle!

She also has a really nice pant that she uses whenever she sees a picture of a dog in a book and today distinctly said "Duck" when looking at a blanket with a duck on it. Cool!

Today, the twins completely cracked me up by playing a game of Keep Away. Logan has almost perfected his ability to keep the toy/book/cup away from Emma's clutches, now that he can walk. I watched as he zigged, zagged, sat down abruptly, turned away and crawled off with a book she was trying to steal from him. The entire time it was happening, he was babbling away happily about the book and not making eye contact with Emma.

She kept doggedly following him around until she'd finally had enough, came up behind him, grabbed him around the neck and took him to the ground. The girl has some wrestlin' moves! Logan, to his credit, completely cracked up and started giggling while Emma rolled off of him and lunged for the book.

Then he cried.

Twins are far more entertaining than I'd ever suspected!

I guess we'll just have to keep them, then.


Madge said...

so so sweet. and it will probably just keep getting better and better!

Jennifer H said...

I bet they're so cute when they do that (go Logan!). Sounds like Emma's got some moves, too.

Needed baby cuteness today...

Hava said...

So cute and expressive. I'm a jealous of their beautiful hair!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thank you! Times 3, of course.

Hava: their hair is really funny - Logan has light brown hair, Emma darker brown with red highlights and Caitlin has red-auburn hair. If Logan's continues to lighten, I'll have a blonde, brunette and red-head! Get the whole set!

Part of me wants to trim Logan's hair more. Another part of me just wants to play with it and enjoys watching it fall into his eyes. The latter part is currently winning.

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