Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Wrap Up

It was a busy three days. I'll sum up.

First, we had to go pumpkin hunting on Wednesday.
Logan: "We gonna get a punkin!"
Emma: "How big you t'ink it gonna be?"
Logan: "Oh, prolly dis big."

Caitlin has other ideas about how big the pumpkin should be.

"Ya know, Emma, I t'ink you could fit in heer."
"Lookit me! I a fahmuh! Wheee!"

"Hay, Mommy! Hay! Heeeeey!"

Then there was the school party to attend on Thursday.
Fairy princesses don't like to pose for photos.

Remember that bag I threatened to make? Well, I remember seeing a bag Ellen had made awhile back and revisited the page it was on. Turns out, all of the directions are there, save for the very last ones which were simple enough to figure out! Thanks, Ellen! You rock! (And she's so talented. Seriously, you need to check out her quilts!)

See? A few dozen napkins and suddenly I felt like I could sew a few more straight lines and make Caitlin a permanent, lovely, non-plastic Halloween bag!
Figuring out just how much candy it can hold.

Plus? It's reversible. Halloween on one side, polka dots on the other. Stylish!
Cool candy hauler.

Caitlin loved it. I soaked up the applause.

Then it was time for pumpkin carving.
Fancy pumpkins.

No, not that one. She made that at school.

Eric performs brain gourd surgery.


Finally, on Friday, Halloween arrived and it was time to get the show on the road.
Fairy Princess, Gypsy Sue, Logan the Tiger and Daddy.

Pop-Pop the Pirate and Emma the Dragon.

Dragon front.

Dragon back.

In case you're wondering why Emma got to be the dragon, it's because she Roars! Very cutely, too. The twins went out trick or treating with Caitlin until they got tired of it. We then retired back to Nana-Sue at headquarters and went exploring.
"Ooh! What's dis?!"

"Mommy! Look! Look what I found! Chawwwww-kit!"

Emma tries her very first bite of chocolate.

" whole life I wait for dis moment! My life iz compleet!"

Eventually the rampaging horde returned, triumphantly loaded down with the spoils of war.
Did someone say Chocolate?!

Then, it being very late, we took our wild offspring home and put them to bed. Another holiday over.

However, it probably won't be the last we've seen of Tiger Boy*! (Because we need to get more than one day's use out of that outfit. Cute!)
I eat you up! I fierce tigah! Fierce! Rarrr!

How did your Hallow's Eve go?

* Logan also had his first taste of chocolate on Friday and it was even better than Emma's. He stole chocolate from Pop-Pop and jammed it into his mouth. Stolen chocolate is extra-special yummy chocolate.


Red Flashlight said...

Here's our Halloween in a nutshell: Zzzzzz . . . cough-cough, cough-cough, cough-cough. Achoo! Achoo! "Baby? Do you hab the tissues ober there?" Zzzzz . . . "wha? Huh? Oh . ." cough-cough, cough-cough . . . cough . . "here you go. Happy Halloween." Achoo! Achoo! "Back atchoo, baby." Zzzzzz . . . .

Kimberly said...

Awesome pictures and I love your captions - especially the first bite of chocolate one. So funny and true and her expression really seems to be saying that.

Glad you had a fun day!

Jennifer H said...

A laugh I needed! They look sooo cute in their costumes. Priceless - the pictures and the captions.

That first bite of chocolate...she'll never go back!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Sierra: I'm sorry you were sick! Virtual chicken soup for you!

Kimberly: Thanks! I was excited she paused long enough for me to capture the moment.

Jennifer: Choooooock-lit! I had to cut her off right after that piece since I had some hope of sleeping.

Cousin Janet from NY said...

Oh My God!!! How absolutely adorable my little cousins all look! And my big cousin did quite a great job on that carving!! I'm impressed!! I also must mention that PopPop looks very dashing as a pirate!! Emma with her choclit tasting was precious, & Logan is quite ferocious looking. I hope I can figure out how to print these off the blog. Anyone?? Help!!!!

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