Thursday, October 12, 2006

Baby it's cold outside!

I spent the day feverishly installing the last 35 purchased plants into the back yard. I tossed in another 3 grasses that I'd grown from seed in the summer, too. Thirty-eight plants added to the garden and I'm not done yet. Oh well! I think I may be done for the season, though.

Once that was done, I switched over to heeling in my plants that I'd grown from seed. I had planned on selling them this fall, but the yard work expanded to fill every waking moment of my time. They are now tucked into one of the raised beds. Wanna know how many?

Sure you do!

Grown from seed for sale:
  • Santa Barbara daisy: 35
  • Lavender: 5
  • Purple ice plant: 3
  • Sempervivum: 39
  • Agastache: 21
Pricked out for sale:
  • Lamb's ears: 18
  • Keys of heaven: 10
  • Lemon balm: 2
  • Caryopteris: 1
  • Purple coneflower: 30
Heeled in temporarily due to remodel:
  • Columbine: 3
  • Clematis: 7 (only 4 have growth on them, the other 3 might be dead)
  • Sedum: 5
  • Catmint: 6
  • Checkerbloom: 1
  • Iris: 5 (plus 2 more rhizomes w/o leaves)
Waiting inside because I ran out of time (and sunlight) last night:
  • Japanese honeysuckle: 2
  • Blueberry bush: 2 (purchased for my front yard)
  • Clematis tanguica: 1
  • Poppies 'Livermere': ~30 (need pricking out, potting up and heeling in)
  • Caryopteris: 32
Sitting in a pot needing separating:
  • Sedum: 5
  • Agastache: 2
  • Gaura: 1
  • Heliotrope: 2 (Mmm! Smells like vanilla/cherry pie!)
Total: 302

Nope. I'm not done yet.

Of course, all of that pricking out, potting up and heeling out work doesn't include the other stuff I have waiting to get done. Move 1/3rd of a cubic yard of planter's mix, shred the trees we chopped down, or just move them to one side, mulch the new plants in, rake/blow/vacuum leaves and pick up sticks around the yard.

Oh and one last thing:

Mop the damned floor!

I've tracked mud all over the diningroom and kitchen. Toys, books, dishes and laundry are replicating around the house like Tribbles. It's hideous! So no, you're not invited over until Chez Hatchet stops being Chez Mud Pit!


So...wanna buy some plants?


Yvonne aka underemployed Nama said...

Okay, you got me. I've read about heliotrope for YEARS and have, to my knowledge, never seen nor smelled one. What kind of conditions do they need? Can I plant one now or do I have to wait until spring? Just reading the list of plants got me excited even though I still have to go outside to tidy up my neglected witch's garden.
AND I love the pic of Misty and Lee. Well done. AND, as to being a SAHM and having people ask what you do: things got better for me when I started writing novels, but it didn't make the initial question go away. I still haven't answered it. Our society pays lip service to the notion of healthy progeny, but when it comes to cocktail party conversation, people want DIFFERENT. So, advice from me: announce you're studying to be a brain surgeon, or that you're working on a secret project, sorry, can't go into detail. Or, that the CDC doesn't want you commenting upon your current activities. Keep a list of responses and then write a catch-all book of ripostes to the dull unwashed SAHM-slammers. Those bastards.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hah! I love it! "Sorry, can't tell you. Job security and all that." Excellent idea. Very subversive!

About heliotrope, it is an annual here in our zone, but I'm planning on potting it up and seeing if I can get it to survive the winter indoors. It likes full sun and a fair amount of plant food. It has dark green, heavily veined leaves, a gorgeous deep purple umbel flowers (flat topped) and it smells fanTAStic! Some people (me) smell vanilla, others smell cherry (Which is why the common name is Cherry Pie Plant.) and still others smell something they can't identify at all. Whatever it is, it's strong. You can smell it from the base of my front steps from where it is next to the front door. Whenever I'm gardening out front, I occasionally get a whiff of it and it makes me very happy.

If you want, I can grow you some from seed next spring, or (if the plant survives my indoor winter TLC) from cuttings. It blooms like mad all summer, so long as you keep lopping off the dead flowers.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Oh, check out this link!

Now I know where heliotropes came from!

Valerie said...

But what explains the smell?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Maybe she was wearing perfume when she transmogrified?

Yvonneakablahblah said...

Or maybe she was baking cherry pie, Helio-boy, Helio-boy. Great site for the nymphs! I bookmarked it immediately.
I would LOVE to have seedlings, cuttings, whatever you are willing to part with. I'm beginning to form the intention of resusitating my poor, sad tangle of a garden next spring. Which means MORE HERBS! (That's why Misty calls it a witch's garden.) I might even take the leftover railroad ties I stole from the alley & create a bed this weekend. I could stash some mums there for now!

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