Monday, October 30, 2006

Where in the world is The Hatchet?

Messing around, mostly. Nothing of interest to see here. Move along!

OK, well, there was a teeny tiny fetal-position brain-bending migraine, but other than that I've just been reading science fiction quickly so I could return a few books to the library. I take out more than I can read in the time I have since I get distracted easily by nice weather or Caitlin projects. Or saving the world.

Blame it on Eric. He tempts me with Neverwinter Nights video games to play. We play far too late into the night and then suddenly there's no time for writing! Or cleaning! Or reading! But we saved this town called Heliopolis and my thief is 26th level now and I so rock the backstabbing thing and...!


Yes, I know we're closing in on forty, but if we don't save the electronic worlds from doom, who will? Huh? Answer me that!

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