Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Laundry and dishes and cleaning...oh my!

You know how they talked about the "Circle of Life" in The Lion King? I've got a secret to tell you:

The Circle of Life isn't about animals and love and family. Nope.

It's about housekeeping.

Constant frickin' housekeeping.

Can you tell me how it is possible for merely 3 people to produce this much laundry, dishes and need for cleaning? Can you tell me what people in larger or just plain large families do to survive? Holy moly! The laundry seems to be constant. I blame it on Caitlin's clothes getting bigger as she gets older, thus her laundry takes up more actual space and my changing into 3 different outfits on any given gardening day.

Yeah, three. First, the one I take Caitlin to school in. Then I start gardening. Suddenly, it's too hot to wear said outfit, so I switch to outfit #2. Then, I have to go pick Caitlin up from school, and it's really a good idea to not show up looking like either a ragamuffin (Nice, huh?) or a deranged gardener. The gaggle of moms have no idea what I do (yet), but I'm certain being covered with dirt inartistically would give them poor ideas about my cleanliness habits. I do have the occasional artistic smudge of dirt or flour across a cheek or my forehead, as Eric can attest to. Very Hollywood of me, apparently.

So anyway, now that it's gone all cold, snowy and ungardenable, I'm working on all of those things that piled up (quite literally), while I finished off my outside work. Eric has been on top of the laundry thing and the dishes get done every night, thanks to FlyLady habits. However the actual cleaning has been somewhat lacking, to be polite about it. My husband is fantastic in many different ways, but a cleaner he is not, sadly. You'd be amazed at how horrible things need to get before he gets motivated enough to clean on his own.

Amazed, I tell you. I know, because it amazes me and I live with him!

With that, I am off to go and make our abode presentable.

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