Saturday, March 22, 2008

Caitlin says...

After asking her to finish cleaning up the table, Caitlin refuses to remove the last few dishes: mine. When pressed by Eric for why she hasn't finished clearing the table she says:

"Because I want mommy to divorce you."

And then the roaring began. (Believe it or not, it wasn't me roaring!)

Why? Why did she say that?

Because I dared to tell her that she could get her own glass of water at dinner. Because I'm so damned mean like that.


jennifer h said...

That's hilarious. How old is she?

You made her get her OWN glass of water? Like on her own two legs and everything? Barbaric. :-)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

She's 6.75 years old. I really did that, to my own flesh and blood. Oh the humanity!

Anonymous said...

Ah, as a nanny of many years...I've seen and heard it all. Oh and as a FIRSTBORN as Caitlin is (I was actually quite a handful for my mom!), I have acted in the same fashion at one point or'll pass and she'll survive! Yes, it's so horrible and unbelievable that you'd ask such things of her! Hmm, what's next?? Oh dear!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

You should tell her that, in the event of a divorce, you would insist on having custody - just so you could keep ordering her around.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

No way! Eric and I had that whole conversation in a joking with our teeth clenched moment. I said I'd take the twins and HE had to take Caitlin.

He, of course, told me that the courts always feel the mother makes a better custodial parent. I insisted that no, I'm just no good.

In the end, we did talk to Caitlin about divorce anyway and told her we'd have joint custody and she'd have to deal with me ANYWAY and did she really think that a step-parent would be nicer than her actual mother?! (Apologies to nice step-parents)

Today was something else again.

Now I'm just thinking about running away from home.

Scylla said...


That was a new one for Caitlin. Does she know that I ask Marlena if her legs are broken whenever she asks me to do something she could easily do herself?

Maybe if Caitlin realizes you ask nicely, instead of heaping on the sarcasm, she would rethink her position.

Or else maybe she's just crazy!

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