Thursday, March 13, 2008

Twenty Four Weeks

Just a quick update for all of you baby fans out there. I should be sleeping.

For those of you counting, the twins are now 5 and a half months old. Not exactly a big change from last week, although both of them being sick at the same time is a big change: not for the better. They're both doing better than I was and neither actually got the flu, thank goodness! However they are both filled to the brim and overflowing with boogies. Bleah. Emma has a very sad little wet cough, which makes her cry kind of gurgly. Neither one is feverish and I think they're both throwing off their colds since Emma, at least, has started sleeping through the night again. Yay Emma!

Emma: "Logan, you know what? Mommy's going to get me a pony since I sleep through the night."

Logan: [Gasps.] "Mommy! Is this true?!"
Me: "Uhhhh...nuh-no. Err...not really? Umm...maybe? Wait. What was the question?"

Emma: "A pony. It can live under my crib."
Logan: [In the background.] "Waaaaaah!"

Emma: "My work here is done."

Where was I?

Yes. So! They like to hang out together a lot more and only occasionally will they pitch a fit over the other one tearing a toy out of their hand and/or mouth. You have to be careful how close together you place them because they get very excited and will grab at each other's face. Ow! They're still practicing sitting up, but still slip and fall over and go bonk. Emma is still crawling backwards and getting frustrated, but she also does cute little pushups when she's excited about something. Unfortunately, I have very few photos this week due to the glassy-eyed experience that is a 105 degree fever.

Interestingly enough, the cats seem to like the babies. They're at least-ways not afraid of them and you will even catch my scaredy cat, Kaboom, hanging out right next to them.
Kaboom sits well within baby grabbing range. He almost seems it!

It's a funny thing, after he's spent all of these months living under our bed that he now shows up to get petted by the wee ones. Both of the twins get all excited when they see the cats go wandering by and if they come close enough, either baby will reach out a pudgy little hand and pet/grab a fistful of kitty. Fortunately for all involved, the kitties seem totally OK with this course of events. We're working on teaching how to pet softly and gently, but excitement turns open hands into tiny claws of cat clenching fur removal units. Not that we don't have enough fur floating around already, mind you.

I have also seen one or the other baby attempt to put a cat in their mouth.

It was a novel concept: to see cats covered in people spit. At least they don't appear to be allergic!

Well it's time to hie me off to bed. This time I shall leave you with this face to ponder.

Little boy blue. Someone needs some cheek squeezin'!

Logan: "Mommy? Can't I have a pony, too?"
Me: "Can't...resist...eyes!"


Kim said...

Love your baby comments. They have such expressive faces and emotions! Very cute.

Glad everyone's feeling better!

Valerie said...

Great captions! And those expressions go so well with the story. I love it!

Makes me very very very sad that I don't have a camera right now.

Maybe I need to get disposables and scan them?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Kim!

Thank ye, Val! I think you SHOULD get a new camera. If you wait too long the boys need to have their super-heroic antics documented!

Red Flashlight said...

This is one of your best posts. Can't explain why - is it the cuteness? Is the the clever repartee? Is it the cats?

I'll have to think on it . . .

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Even knowing how much work 2 babies at once must be, I'm still gaga over the thought. The cuteness quotient at your house must overfloweth!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Red. Really? This one?

Thanks SC! The Cute Quotient can be extraordinarily high. The lack of sleep drops their perceived cuteness by half some days, though.

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