Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The only thing better than bread is deep fried bread smothered in confectioner's sugar and jam.

My love affair with this book is not yet over.

I didn't know you could take brioche dough, roll it out, deep fry it and have a beignet! Well, until I did it, that is. This is dangerous knowledge!

My official taste tester.

Emma gives it her seal of approval.

In case you're wondering why Logan never gets to be the tester, he does, but inhales the food so quickly I can't photograph him eating it. Or else he rushes the camera with food in hand. [Shudder!] We can't have that!

The three of us just barely saved some for Eric and Caitlin.

Just so you know, beignets should never be 2" squares. So...should you dare to make this recipe, aim for 4" squares. Really.

And invite me over!


alessa said...

I love beignets! Damn you for making a carb lover envious! And for sharing pictures of your decadence! Now I want to go make some, but my kitchen is still boxed up. OK, it's mostly out of boxes, but a dog-gone mess anyway.

Kimberly said...

Those look amazing. Now I'm hungry!

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