Monday, March 16, 2009


I didn't make my own cake.

That's a first for me.

Eric didn't make it either. Instead, he ordered it from Glacier Ice Cream in Boulder.

Yes, I did just tell you that I had an ice cream cake for my 40th birthday. In March. Why not?
Let the singing begin!

I wish...I wish...! (Sierra looks horrified in the background. I think she was expecting a conflagration on top of my cake.)

I find it's hard to make wishes while people are trying to make you laugh. How about you?

It was Jamaican coconut ice cream, with a chocolate cookie crust. Yum!

I also skipped out on most of the photography until the very end. I had Misty do it, instead. Thanks Misty!

There were a few party-goers.
Sierra and Scott

Laurie and Dan



There was even dancing!
Misty and Oliver get down and boogie.

OK, maybe not a lot of dancing.

And a little drinking.

OK, maybe not a lot of drinking, either.

It was a child friendly party.


Mini-Heather (aka Faith)

Mini-Lee aka The Cutest Boy Ever (The title holder from the Hatchet Household was sleeping.)

It went really well. I spent more time making gourmet pizza than I had intended. I suspect I will be like my mom and always be cooking in the kitchen during my own parties. Good thing I had the kitchen remodeled to make it so that I get included in the party! (Mom, maybe you should knock down a few of those kitchen walls.) However, the pizza, while unphotographed, was yummy. Yet another bread dough from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book. It was cool to just have 4 lbs of pizza dough ready to go.

I would like to officially apologize to Eric for melting down on him the week before about the party and assuming he wasn't doing anything for me. Apparently I don't do surprises well. (I've never had a surprise party. He originally wasn't going to tell me about the fancy dinner the night before and described the party as a regular old spaghetti night kind of party and I was...bummed, to put it lightly. I spoiled his surprise.) Even though no one jumped out of a cake, nothing was set on fire, there wasn't any karaoke or bungee jumping, it went really well.

I had a great time!

And two pieces of cake.

Thanks Eric!

Putter Up With Extraordinary Grumpiness

I'll always share my cake with you.

Maybe you can bake for me next year! I'll let you practice on Caitlin.

Forty, huh? I'll get used to it.


ellen said...

It looks like you had a great party.
I love the intimate family friendly gatherings.

I hope I look as good as you when I hit 40.

Red Flashlight said...

Second Ellen's comments! I wish I'd looked that good when I hit 40.

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