Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going Crazy

Back soon.

I hope!
  • Babies napping serially, if at all.
  • Caitlin being snippy and acting out, plus a little fisticuffs at school for a little extra spice.
  • Cat randomly pooping around house.
  • Plants growing, dying, getting leggy, coming up, potting on (336 in one afternoon with Heather's help!) and finally, being sold. Getting to market it a lot of work!
  • Sleep? Naaaah.
  • Book? I think I'm averaging one paragraph a day. But it's a really good book! Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.
  • House? Wrecked. Absolutely. Don't come over if you don't have a shovel. And I'm not referring to snow, either!


Madge said...

they should just give us a shovel when we leave the hospital. just spent a few minutes trying to wade through my boys room..... i am afraid.

Cousin Janet said...

As I remember back about a quarter century ago, having one baby made it hard to do anything else. You have double that plus a 6 year old & you do this blog plus ten million
baby plants plus great cooking, amazing photos, blahblahblah. You should maybe go a little easier on yourself. Oh and have a fantastic anniversary. Hope Eric lets you have a few hours straight sleep.
Love always from N.Y.....Janet

Valerie said...

Ha! I just rotatilled my garden plot! I was about to just forget it for this year, but that would be silly. If worse comes to worse I'll do the late stuff only.

Red Flashlight said...

Oh, Hatchet - I'm sorry we haven't been in touch. My uncle died. I had an MS attack and three days of I.V. steroids. A dear friend had his first baby. I've been teaching the DateSmart class a lot this month. We just had farewell breakfast with one of my very best friends in the world who is heading back home to Oklahoma (for now).

Why must good friends move away??? I ask you - why is that fair???

Did you get our envelope in the mail, I hope? We're now watching BSG season 3!

We are thinking of you often - would love to come over, bringing shovels. We could watch "Enchanted" together! Maybe Caitlin could watch it with us.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Madge: I think they should hand you a video camera AND a nanny. Honestly! We pay enough in medical bills, don't we?

Janet: I am certifiably insane at this point. Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Just got your card today!

Val: come visit! We can put you to work over here! Heh heh!

Sierra: I'm sorry? about your Uncle. THE uncle, right? I hope you're feeling better now! Yes, we got the disk. Thanks for sending it. Now if only we had time to watch it! Good friends move away because they are poopy heads.

Yes, I do mean YOU - Val and Misty. Poopy!

I'd love to see Enchanted with you. Caitlin, too, so long as she's not being a butthead.

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