Monday, May 19, 2008

Sittin' Pretty

Logan sat up on his own for the first time on Saturday! (And I totally forgot to tell you!)

After taking so long to get mobile, I suspect he may catch up to Emma pretty quickly. He "steps" more these days, and started scooting a bit right after he figured out how to sit up on his own. Today he looked like he was just a bit away from actually crawling. He doesn't do the Down Dog like Emma does (Too ostentatious, I guess!), instead from all fours he just scootches backwards until he's sitting. Then, if he wants something, he inches towards it. I tried tempting him with a new toy from Grammy, but he wasn't that excited.

Maybe tomorrow.

Emma, not to be outdone, stood up unsupported for two seconds this evening. Eric yelled for me to come see and of course she wouldn't do it again. She crawls all over, though and will come to you if you ask her to.

That girl's gonna be walkin' pretty soon, I bet. I wonder if she'll beat Caitlin's date of 9 months and 3 days? My kids, they don't crawl very long.

Things to do, people. Things to do!


Scylla said...

Now you will get some exercise!!

I suspect you will also develop the ability to separate into two, so you can be in two places at once.

Missing you! Hugs to the fam please.

Jennifer H said...

Go Logan! And Emma, too, with the standing. I loved those moments.

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