Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thirty Two Weeks

Or seven and a half months, which is so much easier to remember! Also leads to less confusion in grocery store chat situations - you don't have to make the other person do all that math.

Hey! Lots has happened in the last two weeks, you've been missing out!

I know, I know. You're crying bitter tears into your beverage of choice, aren't you? Well, I'm here to make it all up to you. Plus, photos!

Top of the list: Logan started crawling backwards on Thursday, May 1st!
Action shot. "Check it out! I go in reverse!"

"Are you gonna blog this?" Ayup. "The pressure! The pressure!"

Logan keels over from all of that work.
Emma rushes to the rescue. "I save you!", she cries. She breaks out her invisible defribrillator and yells, "Clear!"
Revived, but shaky, Emma gives Logan a little advice: "
Take it easy, brudder. Crawlin' backwards is hard work! You gotta work up to it, little by little."

"Wow. Thanks Doc! She just saved mah life!"

"My work is done here." Emma crab-crawls off into the sunset.

Next on the list, the twins are playing together more.
"Are you gonna eat dat? Cuz I could eat dat."

Well, playing might be a bit strong. They play with toys near each other and crack one another up. Occasionally one will crack the other over the head with a toy, or get too close and do a little hair pulling (I'm lookin' at you, Emma. Logan is the only one with hair long enough to pull!) or possibly some scratching. Then the screaming starts. Until then, it's pretty darned cute to watch them interact. They can sit and laugh at one another for minutes! Minutes where I don't have to constantly be the source of attention. I'm looking forward to whole stretches of time where they can play happily together and I don't have to worry about them killing one another or setting the house on fire. When would that be? Eight? Nine? Ack!

I've noticed that Logan is very stable when sitting upright these days and is very happy to roll around on the floor the same way Emma had been right before she started crawling backwards herself (At 19 weeks. Logan is such a slacker!).

He's also eating everything that isn't nailed down and loving it. Emma still purses her little lips after one tiny taste and blows raspberries. Except that she has discovered an undying love of that oat grain O shaped cereal (Pincer grasp time!). Logan loves them, too. I find it completely odd that Emma has no interest in any of the green beans, peas, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce or bananas that Logan has eaten but goes nuts for the crunchy stuff: Mum-mums (a rice cracker mentioned here) and Cheerios. Is it possible that she's a texture eater like I am? Can you tell this early?

Emma started pulling herself upright, on Saturday, May 3rd. She was worried Logan was going to hog the spotlight, what with all that reversing going on. We're seeing a lot of this out of her these days:
"Hi! Look mommy! Only one hand!"

I didn't get a good shot of it, but she's been getting into the Down Dog position and then peeking at you from between her legs. It's ridiculously cute!

Oh and she's also working on her balancing technique.
"I graceful, like a swan."

Or something like that.

We're still not sleeping through the night and it's all Emma's fault. Might be because she's not as full of food as that other guy. We're working on it though.

Le sigh!

On the nursing front, they are a whole heap of cute when tandem nursing. They try to hold hands or pat one another as well as try to fend the other off, steal the other's breast or attempt a little hair pulling. The hard part is putting them back in bed when you have one that still wants to nurse and the other one trying to perform Exhausted Child Acrobatics on your other arm. Often I find myself sort of dropping Logan back onto his mattress. Fortunately, he's asleep, so he doesn't care. I can almost hear Emma snickering....

Good thing they're still cute!

Logan: powered by smiles.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I don't know how you get anything done. I'd be spending any time they didn't need me wielding a camera.

Jennifer H said...

Does Logan beep when he backs up?

So darn cute, those babies!

Janice said...

They are so very cute! Just adorable! What a fun age.

Thanks for you kind words the other day.

screamish said...

Good to read your experiences of breastfeeding the both...I think I'm going to try with mine when they arrive. I'll have to look back thru the archives and see if you were always so expert or you learnt it!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Screamish: learned it, painfully, through my first child and then again with these two. Once you get past the first 6 weeks, it's not so bad. Getting them used to tandem is really great, though. Now that they're no longer throwing up all over me!

Jennifer: Ooh! Good idea. Next time.

Janice: Thank you! You're welcome! : )

SC: They are pretty cute. Getting anything done is very hard, even without a camera glued to my hand!

kristi said...

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh the cuteness of it all!

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