Saturday, May 31, 2008

Toadal Score!

I have a toad!

Whaaat? I'm not kidding! I actually have an actual toad! I got it from the farm while out thinning Shanghai Bok Choi (Yum!). Heather caught it for me.

Caitlin wants to call it Bouncer.

I'm just hoping we don't mow it down when we go to mow the grass.

I guess it must be time to clean out my pond and mow down that grass. It's waiting (Patiently!) in a "bug box" until we're ready. I have to make the place presentable for it (Her? Him? I respect its privacy! However, it's probably female.) ASAP. I guess those tomatoes can wait a little longer.

Photos later!

Updated to add photos!
Our victim waits for release inside the bug box. No food all night since she had to wait for the lawn to be mowed on Sunday morning. Poor thing!

Eric gets ready to release our toad into the wilds of the backyard. He's very careful not to touch it since toads exude poisons through their skin. Not enough to kill a human, but enough that he's just not interested in touching it. Besides, toads have that oogie-ness factor going for them.

She's loose! She didn't look so good upon initial release, so I made sure we set out a dish of water and set her in it for awhile, just to get her cooled down and moistened. I tried to send Caitlin for grubs for a toad snack, but she wasn't interested.

Last known whereabouts of Bouncer. I put out a cracked pot in one of the shadiest parts of the garden and put the bowl of water (with bathing toad) next to it. An hour later, she was gone.

Being a female, she doesn't make any noise, so I have no idea if Bouncer is still alive or expired due to my negligence. Or out of homesickness. Who knows! So I may have a toad, or not (Very Schrödinger's Cat of us.). Guess I'll find out at some point while I'm out weeding and I hear loud rustling in the flowerbed. Aieee!


Scylla said...

Yay toad!!

Jennifer H said...

I'm happy for you, and the toad.

Although toads kind of freak me out when I'm not expecting to see one.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I'd say pretty much anything freaks me out if it jumps when I'm not expecting it. Mice, snakes, frogs, small children.

You know: pests!

: )

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