Sunday, May 04, 2008


Emma started crawling today!

Inelegantly, but crawling.

First, there were the unsubstantiated reports coming from the livingroom. "Come here! You have to see this! She's crawling!" I went to investigate, but no actual crawling occurred.

"You have to wait. It's not perfect, but it's crawling."


Emma then leaned over, in her Down Dog position, put one hand in front of the other and then...sat down! OK, I've seen that. That's not crawling. Eric insisted that I wait and watch. A little bit later, she did what he called crawling: Down Dog position, hands crawl forward, legs hunch up and sort of crab walk forward two inches and then she sits down again.


Then the real test, I was busy feeding her Very Hungry Brother and keeping a weather eye on her in the livingroom. She spotted an extension cord attached to the fan and immediately started making her very odd, inelegant way towards it.


By my reckoning, she'll figure it out in 3 days and then she'll be able to crawl right towards every dangerous item in the house. Right Misty?


Jennifer H said...

Woohoo! Yay for Emma!

Welcome to the wonderful world of childproofing. :-)

'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why! said...

Hooray Emma! When the Poose got started, he could only go in reverse. Apparently it's genetic, my neice had the same trouble. Made it easy to keep him out of trouble, just put him down facing it! :)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Jennifer H: you know what's kind of funny? We still have all of the cabinet locks in place from when Caitlin was small. I guess we just leave them on! Hardest part will be keeping all of her stuff away from the twins, since she leaves it everywhere!

CITMTW: What DO we call you, anyway? : )

Emma actually started crawling backwards first. Perhaps all kids do this? My eldest did, Emma has and now Logan has begun. I will probably be talking about Mr. Slowpoke tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Valerie said...

Yay! V. exciting! We need some footage of this!

Scylla said...

Oh honey, you are never going to sit down again!

Yay for Emma!!

Oliver is now running everywhere, and climbing down from couches.

Oi, we need a drink!

Haroun said...


I'm sure Caitlin will soon appreciate that her younger sister can cause trouble in one room while Caitlin is in another.

Colleen said...

YAY for Emma!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Haroun: Caitlin is definitely looking forward to no longer being the only child able to get in trouble! She comments on it with some regularity: why aren't the twin in trouble?!

I keep telling her that infants can't get in trouble. She's not liking it!

Emma says "T'ank yew" to everyone else. Now she must go and pull something heavy down on her head!

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet little cousin Emma has been swallowed up the couch! Good thing she has learned to crawl so she can get away from it! If Logan wasn't so busy eating he might be crawling too, so have Caitlin keep shoveling in those carrots!!!! Oh I miss you all.
Love from NY

Anonymous said...

You are the best,mommy!

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