Monday, June 09, 2008

Dear Mom...

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to let you know that I love you dearly and that I'm sorry I wasn't there to share the day with you. Although, when I called you were out in the garden, so in case anyone is wondering where the plant lust and green thumb come from, they can wonder no longer. Clearly the plant thing is an obsession I inherited in full measure from you.

Also the love of baked goods and baking. While I'm not ready to tackle a wedding cake (Sorry Sierra!), I still love the fact that you made mine and that it was not only beautiful but delicious. This was clear by the fact that I had exactly one bite from the cake and that was the piece fed to me by Eric. After that, the cake was gone. Those guests of ours knew a good thing when they tasted it. Thanks for the thousands of batter covered beaters you let me lick clean. One day maybe I can return the favor. Mmmm! Cake!

However, I do know that I don't get the photography skills from you. Those skipped sideways or something in the family and went from Cousin Jamie over to me. Most every photo I remember from childhood that you took had the tip of your index finger in it. Or was blurry. Or our heads were cut off. Or some fabulous combination of all three. Although, being the second child, I consider myself lucky to have any photos of my childhood at all! So thanks for that!

I also have to thank you for my fabulous skin, crazy Jamaican heritage and looks. Dad may have been good looking when he was younger (Well, you liked him!), but you are clearly the Looker in the family. Eric thanks you for that. All of my friends still comment on how lovely you are when they meet you. Don't I know it!
Dawn, Mom and Mini-Hatchet

Thanks again for coming out for 6 weeks before the twins were born. It was lovely having you (And your cooking!) here for all that time. The twins really enjoyed being held all the time. And we loved the cooking. Did I mention the cooking was great? Yum! Please come back!
Mom and Emma.

Finally, thanks for the sense of humor. It's been obvious that I have Dad's sense of the ridiculous, but I've also got your reserved humor hiding quietly in the background. Also, it's probably what got you through the worst of our crazy childhood years. I find myself wondering how you survived all four of us when just one is making me go prematurely grey and bald at the same time. I'm really sorry we were such brats! Please take the Mom Curse back!
Mom and Caitlin, 2005.

Well, I heard you had a great dinner. I wish I could have been there. Especially after seeing this:
Mom put a what?! on her head?

Yeah. I think Cindy's gonna suffer for that one!

Ooh, I think I may not have stopped being a brat yet! Whoops! Um...thanks for all the forgiveness! Did I mention how forgiving my mom is? Very! Hee!

I love you mom! Happy...errr...29th birthday! Can you be 39 next year when I turn 40? Thanks!


Cindy said...

Thanks sis, now she'll have to focus getting even on both of us now instead of just me!

(ya should've seen her face though!)

Jennifer H said...

That's a great letter. Lucky mom, lucky you.

screamish said...

hee hee your Mum looks so cute...

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Jennifer! Thanks Screamish!

Cindy: you're welcome. Hey, she mentioned the antler hat to me when I called to say HB and told me you had photos. CLEARLY she MEANT for me to blog about it.

Attractive nuisance and all that.

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