Friday, September 21, 2007

Food! Glorious food!

On Monday we had scalloped potatoes with the leftover ham from Sunday. Mmmm!

On Tuesday we had a kielbasa and mixed vegetable casserole. You know, I don't normally ever make casseroles, because they just aren't fast. Maybe we'll start - this was yummy!
On Wednesday, mom made Jamaican beef patties.
Caitlin helped glaze them with an egg wash.

Turns out you need a fattier grade of beef to get the traditionally juicy version of patties. Ours were good, but not gooooood. Next time, 80/20 or 85/15 beef! Don't worry, we're still gonna eat 'em!
Then for dessert, mom made the shortcakes while I macerated strawberries with sugar and made the whipped cream. Put it all together and you have this:
Now that's strawberry shortcake! Growing up, my dad used to make these all the time - it was his specialty. Growing up, whipped cream from a bottle never passed through our doorway. Eric and I have taken up that tradition at our house. Mmmmm! Fresh cream rocks!

Today, after an emergency phonecall to my sister Dawn over the weekend, this arrived in the mail. A Jamaican food care package! Two loaves of hard-dough bread, 3 cans of ackees and 2 breadfruits. Mom popped one in the oven to bake, since it didn't appreciate being packed in plastic and started getting a little soft.
Thanks Dawn! Mmm-wah! (Smooches!) Now there will be more ackee and saltfish in our future.

Hmm. I'm feeling a mite snackish. I think I'll go get a patty. Later, food fans!

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