Monday, September 24, 2007


This is Colorado! We don't "do" rain!

Apparently someone forgot to tell the weather forecasters that, though, because it's raining like mad. Thunder, a little lightening and it's been going on for what feels like ages. Meaning, longer than 10 minutes.

Colorado is (normally) an arid plain state. We don't have humidity and we don't do rainfall in appreciable amounts (10-14" per year, people!). Today, I think it's trying to meet its quota for either the year or at least half of it. It started raining last night, eased up a bit this morning and now is going full tilt.

Why should you care?

Because it means mom and Eric can't put my plants in the ground!

Oh, wait, that's why I care.

Hmm. Nevermind! Carry on, citizen.

70.5 hours, 1 pre-op appointment, a non-stress test and 1 operation left. Not that we're counting or anything. Heh!


purplegurl said...

Today seems like the perfect day to curl up, read a good book, sip on some tea and have a baby or two!! Dontcha think? What else can you plan on a rainy day? We are so excited for you here. Faith is cleaning all of our baby toys for when the babies come over for a play date! I can help plant even in the rain! LY

Valerie said...

So close!

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