Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Murder in the garden

So Eric was mowing the lawn two days ago...

and did a very nice job.


Perhaps a little too thorough.

When I went outside yesterday to water the plants on my deck, I tried to toss the water left at the bottom of a saucer onto the lilac plant beside the stairs.

The lilac plant that I received from Kate that was on its third year. The one that looked like it might be ready to bloom for the first time this coming spring, even though it was only two feet tall.

Except it was missing.

Only shredded sticks remained where a happy little plant had been, not two days before.

I think I screamed. Then I hollered for Eric (We're a hollerin' household.). I was hoping it wasn't true - somehow. He'd left that plant alone for the last two years, why now?

He felt very bad. He was confused! He didn't know what he was thinking! He thought it was a weed. He went crazy with all the mowing! It tried to attack him! He has no idea why he suddenly thought he should mow it down and is terribly, terribly sorry.

By the way, did you know that the Denver Botanical Garden is having their annual fall plant sale this Saturday? Because now? He owes me. Unless the twins show up to stop me, that's where I'll be on Saturday morning. Look for the giant, waddling pregnant woman with the gleam of Plant Mania in her eyes.

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