Saturday, September 22, 2007

Adventures with Mom

So we went to the DBG fall plant sale in Denver today and I picked up a pair of Sambucus nigra, courtesy of mom. That's Common elderberry for those of you not packing your Latin botanical dictionaries. My initial hope was to find a pair of the Black Lace elderberry, but I went with these and will pop them into the garden in the next couple of days.

When I say "I will pop them in..." of course I mean Eric will dig giant holes and mom will plant them for me. I will just point and grunt at the locations I want them to be in.

The plant is poisonous, except the berries (once they're cooked people can eat them), which are greatly loved by birds of all sorts. And squirrels. Possibly raccoons. Ehn! I have all of them anyway, here's my chance to feed them something different. I'm nice to the wild animals that way. Also, it's part of my long term plan to get a backyard habitat designation for my yard.

After we were done (amid questions by the general public of "How many are in there?!" "When are you due?" "Oh my gosh! Good luck!") we drove down to Denver's Greek Town in search of...a Jamaican Bakery. Yes, a Jamaican Bakery in Colorado. That is located in Greek Town. Run by a Trinidadian.

Life is funny.

It got even funnier when mom established her Jamaican street cred. They had no idea where she was from, being somewhere in their twenties mom thinks they had no idea that Jamaicans actually used to come in assorted shades. Mom told one guy there that she was "...more Jamaican than you." How is this possible? She was born on the eastern end of the island, went to school on the north-western part, grew up in the south-western part and then worked in Kingston, back in the east. She called herself an "all island girl". Instant respect from the guys. They asked if Eric, Caitlin and I were also Jamaican and we gave them the run down. The best part is that in Jamaica, you never know. It's such a mixed culture that there are the ones that everyone thinks of from the commercials all the way to the blonde haired, blue eyed versions. My family and I are well within the color spectrum, even if no one here recognizes us.

We bought some guava "cheese", a loaf of coconut bread, a loaf of spice bread and a cream soda. It says "Sof Drink" and has the Jamaican flag on it. Smelled just like I remembered, too. Hee! I have to admit to being disappointed in the spice bread so mom has offered to make one for me. The coconut bread is very nice with butter and cheese, though, so it was a good choice. No bammy in sight and their hard dough bread looked like it was [gasp] wheat! So Dawn, we'll still need you to ship me occasional care packages. Sorry!

And then we went home, laden with our goods, and I had a nap.

Eric tells me we have 115 hours to go. He's enjoying translating the countdown to hours and will randomly tell me how many hundreds are left.

Tick, tick, tick!


Hava said...

You are so close! I love reading your blog. It is inspiring and scary at the same time. All these things I have to look forward to. I cant wait to hear of your birthing experience. I'm having a c-section as well. Our hospital lets mothers of multiples try to deliver vaginally but what usually happens is the first is vaginal and the 2nd flips so they deliver c-section. I'm not one to go through both.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks, Hava!

Yeah, that whole concept of Trial of Labor and THEN a c-section? Nuh-uh! Cut me once and let's get it over with!

My doctor, after my Friday session, even told me that she was really happy we were going with a planned c-section since I'm still not dilated. She's afraid we'd just run into the same exact complications that we did the first time. I figured that my body would probably repeat the performance and so far, I haven't been disappointed.

Party in my room!

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