Sunday, September 09, 2007

A new bird species?

I think I've discovered a new species of bird at my feeder today! It was at the thistle feeder, so perhaps it's something in the finch category.

I have been lax about refilling the feeders since I'm tah-errred (Translation: tired), but finally got around to it today. Later in the afternoon, during a nice visit with heirloom tomato-bearing Heather, we saw it and snapped its picture.

What do you think?

Still not sure? Let's zoom in!

Eek! A mouse!

Nevermind! I have a whole ecosystem happening in my backyard. I have birds of assorted varieties, I have mice, bees, raccoons, Caitlin and even snakes. Maybe the mice will encourage owls to come by for snacks? I found a big hole in the planter that has the giant tomato plants, suspiciously close by the compost bin. I strongly suspect that there is a very fat and happy snake that lives in there, feeding on my fat and happy mice.

I wonder if it's this guy? This is the snake we found on my front porch at the end of Caitlin's birthday party in 2005. How long do snakes last in the wild anyway?

So long as the mice don't think they're invited inside the house this winter, they are welcome to stay. Maybe I'll get to see the owls and snakes in my yard again.

Besides, it's free cat entertainment. They want me to open the screen door so bad! However, Eric thinks that would be too cruel and would make them start sitting at the door caterwauling to be let out instead of just pressing their little noses against the screen eagerly.

I'm such a good Cat Mom!

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Red Flashlight said...

Industrious! A mouse to proud of.

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