Saturday, September 29, 2007

Trapped under twins!

"I'm sure she'll post a long post tomorrow." he said.

It's very sweet when your own husband has you confused with a super hero. [grin]

Right now I'm laying propped up in the hospital bed typing one handed while Emma nurses, so this will be short. She and Logan have developed psychic powers such that one always knows when the other is hogging all the colostrum. He will inevitably wake up within moments of her finishing or starting and then the cycle starts all over. I'm working on tandem nursing but damn! if there aren't just times you'd really like to have that second hand for simple things like eating, drinking or scratching your own ear.

I'm picky that way.

Thank you all for the cheers. You made me smile once I came out of the drug fog. I've got a lot to tell you, gory details as well as sappy asides, but until my milk comes in and knocks the two out for a reliable length of time I'll have to keep my posts short.

The twins are doing very well and are working unceasingly at trying to bring up breastmilk. Apparently they got the memo on how good it is, but not the one that mentions that it takes about 72 hours to come in. Even if you are an over-achieving twin, the breasts you rely on are slackers.

Whoops! Logan is playing my song. Catch ya later!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you!

(I'm also glad someone took down the floating twin timer. It was beginning to look like the docs put them back in to ripen some more.)


Valerie said...

Yay nursing!

Yeah once your milk comes in and they've got the hang of it, there are ways of tandem nursing and blogging. I recommend double football holds.

I swear your hands will be partially free at some point!

ellen said...

If they work really hard at it your milk can come in in two days. My milk came in faster with subsequent babies.

Missy said...

Woo Hoo! Here's hoping that milk comes in soon. I also found that it came in sooner with my second baby, so I will project good thoughts your way!

Ali said...

Hell, I'm just impressed that you typed all of that with one hand.

So here's something that confuses me - if the milk doesn't come in for several days, aren't the kids famished? I know that they get that pre-milk stuff and it's nutritious and such, but it's not a lot of food. Do they just deal?

Red Flashlight said...

Glad to hear the nursa-thon has begun. Are you moving home yet?

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