Monday, October 01, 2007

We're Home!

Just in time for cat Trauma!

Mom's been staying at the house to watch over the cats while we've been in the hospital for the past four days. Kaboom, as I may have previously mentioned, is a total chickenshit so mom has only seen him rarely. However, right after we got home she mentioned that she hasn't seen him since Saturday.

Exhausted-happy to be home feeling immediately vanished as Eric goes on a hunt for the cat. After searching everywhere, Eric looks in the back room where we had previously seen and heard signs of mice (mice outside house=cute, mouse inside house = instant death sentence). We has been leaving the door to the boiler room open to encourage the cats, (remember those?) to hunt the mice. Those fuzzy freeloaders need to earn their keep somehow. Unfortunately the boiler room is not finished, but backs to the bathroom which is.

After thoroughly searching the house, Eric saw a glimpse of Kaboom through the unfinished wall jammed behind the metal bathtub, unmoving and unresponsive to calls.

Panic set in. We immediately went with the notion that we were going to have to smash through the wall and tile, ripping out the bathtub to reach him. Whatever it takes to get the cat out. Eric rushed to the hardware store and bought a wrecking bar while I called two friends known for their home demolishing skills and/or tool possession while crying with fear.

Eric rushed back in clutching a 36" solid steel wrecking bar (also doubling as a home defense device) and went into the basement bathroom. After several solid (and extremely loud) thwacks to the grout in front of the tub, fear overcame friction and Kaboom came shooting out from inside the unfinished wall.

He appears to be just fine, although perhaps mentally scarred for life. Boiler room is shut. Further plans for immanent demise of mice are forthcoming.

What? Did you expect an update about babies? They're OK too.


Dawn said...

See, now I would have tried shaking a bowl of cat food/treats. Or better still, pop open a can of cat food or tuna. The sound of a can opening brings most cats (and dogs) running.

Sue said...

Welcome Home! I'll bet Kaboom and Domino are not the only ones who missed you! Eric comes to the rescue again. He's a super hero, too. Glad you didn't have to do too much damage to the remodeled bath room/ dark room. Silly kitty. Hope all's well with the little ones and their big sister, and that you're feeling better and better.
A Very Proud Nana Sue

Scylla said...

Eeek, that is scary.

See, even cats have sibling rivalry.

Red Flashlight said...


I get very torn up inside when animals get hurt. I should tell you sometime about the mouse invasion at my house in the canyon - brought on by foolish compassion.

Glad there was a happy ending.

Bad kitty!!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hey Dawn, you're kidding, right? We tried the cat treat thing - he WASN'T MOVING AT ALL. As in possibly already dead or injured or dehydrated. He never moved or made a sound.

I'm surprised the sound of the tub being broken into made him flee, but I'm also very very glad.

Sorry - I'm running on little to no sleep, pain and fear over here.

Dawn said...

Ahh, well, All's well that ends with the kitten back in Momcat's lovin' arms. Right? My JetLi used to hide like there was no tomorrow when Ian's cat's were here. Made me worry a few times if he'd gotten out or gotten hurt. Well, at least now they can get back to the business of rolling around in your catnip-sweated shirts and maybe their sleepy kitty vibes will work on the twins so you can all catch a nap or your breath.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Actually, Domino is snoozing right next to mom and Logan and the snooze vibes appear to be keeping them all safely asleep. Thus giving me time to nurse Emma without listening to Logan holler while waiting in line.

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