Saturday, October 27, 2007

One month

The twins are one month old today. Whoo hoo!

We survived!

OK, so there's not much difference between today and Thursday, when they turned 4 weeks old, so instead, here are a few photographs.

Logan: exhausted after having a bath. He smiled at me again! Eric is terribly jealous.
Emma: also exhausted after having a bath. Those cheeks are ultimately squeezable!
In other news, I wanted to show you the plethora of blankets we've been given that people have made for us, with their very own talented hands.

  • From left to right, the first blanket with the brightly colored cat print is the underside and the topside is the red/white/black penguins. This was made by Eric's Aunt Shelly. There is a second one on the way for Logan. Big enough for toddler beds! Caitlin still loves hers that Shelly made 6 years ago.
  • The second (purple/green/multi-color) and and third (pastel multi-color) blankets were crocheted by my mom. Originally the pastel was supposed to be Logan's, but Caitlin vetoed it in favor of Emma getting the pastel. Mom had another she was working on in lavender, but it turns out that design was identical to the design she'd crocheted for Caitlin. So we rolled over to Hobby Lobby and picked up colors for a custom designed blanket, just for Logan. Mom worked on that the entire time she was in Colorado and finished it just a couple of days before she left. It's beautiful and nice and warm.
  • The fourth blanket (orange/pink/purple flowered top-side, orange flannel reverse) and fifth blanket (bright blue space wizards with green reverse) are quilts made for me by Ellen. When I said "no pastels" she jumped all over it! They're gorgeous! Eye-popping, too.
Thanks everyone! You're so talented!
Here is Domino. Originally, he was guarding the twins when I went to go get my camera to photograph the three of them. Domino takes his baby guarding duties very seriously. Unfortunately, Eric took the twins while I was gone and deposited them into their car seats for a snooze. I don't know why, but they really like snoozing in their car seats, as opposed to laying flat in a crib and anything that gives me hands-free time I'm all over!

The blanket Domino is laying on was also crocheted by my mom for Caitlin as a carriage blanket. It is heavy, I suspect to keep it from flying off in a wind.

So there you have it: cuteness, talented friends and family and a kitty shot.

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