Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This space intentionally left blank.

There will be pictures here later.

Nothing to see here. Move along!

Whaaaat? Did you think I was that organized that I'm on top of the photographing, editing and posting? It's Twinsville, Nursing Nation around here.

Updated muuuuch later to add:
This was a seriously low budget, low effort year for us. Not that anyone should be surprised by this.

They had a party at Caitlin's school and a costume parade where we got to see plenty of witches, warlocks and hippies. Caitlin is a fairy princess missing her wings. The bit that holds the wings on has gone missing. I offered to make her into a grape cluster with balloons instead, but she didn't want to do that.

After Eric had blown up all the balloons, of course.
For reasons I can't explain, Caitlin no longer knows how to smile for photographs anymore. This saddens me to no end.
After school, she went to a Halloween party at M's house, picked up and dropped off by M's mom while we stayed home and watch Hot Fuzz! with Scott & Sierra. Yay! The kids went trick or treating together as a massive group and brought in a serious haul. Caitlin got tired of getting so much candy at one point and stopped going door to door. Her final haul? Seventy pieces. We offered to trade the candy for toys and she looked mildly interested.

Then we offered to trade them for books and she got excited, her eyes sparkling. Yes, this is my child: she prefers books to toys. Wheee!

The twins, not to be left out, wanted to be involved in the costume craziness, but I couldn't bring myself to a) go shopping, b) spend money on a pair of costumes that no one would ever wear again and c) couldn't find newborn costumes anyway. Instead, they came up with a brilliant idea.

They went as identical twins.

Identical twin girls.
Check out those feet! So cute!
Emma says she'll be glad to wear the outfits long past Halloween.

Logan insists that he looks good in pink and that he likes kitties, so what's the problem?! Besides, everyone currently assumes they're both boys. These outfits will confuse a strangers further. Bwahahaaaaa!

So! What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up? If you have kids, what do you do with all of their candy? Do you decorate the house? What would you recommend we do to lure more trick or treaters to our door? Every year we get a pretty poor showing and I'm wondering what we can do differently next year.


m said...

cute! :)
here's a link to john (he's on the far left if you missed the family resemblence!)

i just wanted to commiserate with you regarding the loss of smiling abilities...these days we tell john NOT to smile in photos...they turn out better that way :)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Very good looking. He's got a bit of a Harry Potter thing going on there.

Perhaps if there was a product like Laughing Gas in a Can? Hmm...either that or recordings of other kids telling awful knock knock jokes.

Valerie said...

ha ha! That's great, maybe some year you can do something like did....I couldn't find it but one year she and one twin dressed alike and the other twin and her husband dressed alike. It was a pretty cool idea.

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