Saturday, October 27, 2007

Now we have THRUSH?!

What the HELL?!


Any advice? I don't think the doctor's office is open tomorrow. What treatment can I start for thrush right now?

Bloody hell.

Yeah, breastfeeding is a frickin' riot.

This whole thing started with a milk blister, so I thought I "just" had a plugged duct. Now it's possible that was my initial thrush warning sign.

Updated in the cool light of morning to add: Now that I'm not currently faced with a screaming, pulling-off-the-breast desperate child, I've come up with a few plans. I'm going to pick up acidophilus capsules, Kyolic (garlic) pills, and start downing large amounts of vitamin C. We'll use vinegar rinses on the twins, me and our clothing and buy a whacking lot of new breastpads.

It's very hard to maintain your cool in the face of a screaming pain-filled baby.


ellen said...

How's the thrush doing? There were some good remedy suggestions here. What you are going to do should help a lot. I've dealt with thrush myself and it's no fun.

ellen said...


Missy said...

If I may say so, this doesn't sound even remotely fair. If a person gives birth to more than one child at the same time, I think there is supposed to be some kind of extended reprieve from illness and other assorted annoyances and inconveniences. I feel a visit to the complaint department is fully warranted here.

I hope you all feel better soon.

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