Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Would you like some pictures?

You weren't expecting a mouse post, were you?

Let me make it up to you.

September 28th: Emma and Logan have their first bath.
Emma - so skinny! Check out those elephant-skin knees!
Logan - uncertain he approves of baths.

September 29th: All five of Grammy's grandkids.

Caitlin, Logan, Max, Emma, Axl.
Cups - not just for drinking any more!

September 30th: At the hospital.Harry the Hippo guards the twins.

October 2nd: Time at home.Caitlin is not totally ignored.

Logan supplemented with breastmilk.

October 4th: Bath time!Emma's first bath at home. Emma says: "Do not want!" Eric missed getting Logan's bath pictures as well. Fortunately, we're likely to wash him at least once more.

October 5th: First walk.

Caitlin with the twins in the stroller Dawn sent. Thanks, Dawn!
Crashed out after our walk.

October 5th: A little Logan cuteness. Ahhhn!

Little tiny fingers.
Face = not swollen. See? This is swollen.
Sitting on the motorcycle with Dad.

October 9th: Emma cuteness. Ahhhn!


Ali said...

Wow, they look so big! So big to have been in your belly this whole time! And cute! So cute to have been in your belly this whole time!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

We like to grow 'em big around here.


Thanks Ali!

Cindy said...

Awww!!!!!!!!!! super cutie pies!

Swistle said...

You are killing me with the cute. KILLING ME.

Oddly, it does not make me wish my twins were newborns again. It's a choppy time.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Don't die, Swistle!

Actually, I'd be very surprised if twin parents ever wistfully reminisce over the newborn stage AT ALL.

With Caitlin I remember being sleep deprived and then coming out of it long enough to think: cute! Potential for wistful remembrance: high. Right now? It's not too bad with my mom in town to hold one while the other naps on my chest.

What will I do when she leaves? The crying! The crying will start and I will be doomed!

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