Thursday, October 18, 2007

Three weeks

It's been three weeks.

Three looong sleepless weeks.

Three long sleepless weeks filled with nursing, pee, poo, spit-up, vomit, crying, funny little noises, lots of facial expressions, milk smiles, biting, snoozing and more.

I can't tell you how much they currently weigh, but we have an appointment on Monday where they will gasp in awe over just how much weight they've gained.

  1. Is filling out, especially in the cheeks. She is my Cheeky Monkey. She definitely out weighs her brother - her head even looks bigger. So much for being the "little" sister.
  2. I've decided Emma's eyes are in the brown category, they're definitely not blue.
  3. Still gets frustrated easier than her brother.
  4. Won't open her mouth very big unless she's trying to shove her fists in it.
  5. She has dimples on either side of her mouth! They only show up when she smiles to herself. I'm looking forward to those smiles being directed at me.
  6. Makes little pig and pony noises.
  7. Is still sick and hates the nose sucker.
  8. Is still very hard to burp. Any advice?
  9. Sounds like a pissed off cat when she's mad and crying.
  10. Doesn't like to get naked for bathing.
  11. Has thrown up all over my neck and chest, while we were sleeping. Bleah.
  12. Sleeps best on our chests at night, but will also sleep in between us. Very important to ensure she's burped first or else expect #11. : )
  13. We finally broke down and bought some girly clothes for her when we realized that when Caitlin was a newborn it was high summer and she work nothing but onesies. Emma needs something a little warmer, so we picked up a few things that are more obviously "girl" than the piles of boy clothes we have. I retain the right to change my mind about clothing issues at will.

  1. Is very aware and spends a fair amount of time awake and looking around calmly.
  2. Also doesn't like being naked, but takes longer to reach the Pissed Off Cat stage of crying.
  3. Is more patient waiting his turn for milk and more willing to be distracted by Eric.
  4. Has developed Infant Acne. Very sad. He now has a tiny Pizza Face. Le sigh.
    There may be fewer pictures of him until he's over it, I think. Caitlin went through the same thing at 2 months - it looked terrible.
  5. Makes tiny goat noises while he's falling asleep. Ehh-h-h-h! Ehh-h-h-h!
  6. Still clamps down like he's got a vice grip in his mouth while nursing.
  7. Smiled at me twice in a row, but it might have just been a fluke. Hasn't repeated it yet, although he's more willing to look into my eyes than Eric's at the moment.
  8. Fights me off with both hands when trying to nurse. You'd think he'd just get them out of the way, but he wants to nurse so badly that he opens really wide for both fists and then after I fend them both off closes his mouth down for me. Le sigh!

I'm certain there's more, but the rest of Clan Hatchet, except for Eldest, has arrived, with my 2 year old nephew in tow. Two years olds are busy! I'd forgotten. And now Logan is playing my song.

The twins do this thing where they trade off at night who gets to be The Fussy One. One or the other of them wakes around 1 or 2 am and won't go back to sleep regardless of feeding status. It's very frustrating. Also frustrating? We had to supplement last night and this morning because they drain me dry and then scream for more. Ain't no more in there, so they have to drink formula. Ridiculous. According to books, there's a growth spurt anywhere in the 10-21 day range.

Great. Just freakin' great.

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