Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Misty!

Thirty-two. That's a nice age.

Let's see...when I was your age...I was having my first child. You're such an over achiever you've already got your first and second done! Of course, my first child greatly appreciates your first child, so I'd say that worked out well for all involved.

Hmm. Whatever will you be doing when you reach my ripe old age? I recommend against twins. Just so you know.

I miss you! Come back! There will be no more German Chocolate Cake action until you return to get it in person, you know. Cakes don't ship well. And right now, unfortunately, neither do I (and the gang).


1 comment:

Scylla said...

Sniff sniff.... missing the Tracy and the cake love. Loving the well wishes.

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