Sunday, October 28, 2007

Roll over, Rover!

Logan is rolling over. From his belly to his back.

Yes, he is only one month old. What exactly do you think he's thinking about?! Argh! According to the What to Expect series 75% of children can roll over one way by the end of two months.

I've seen him roll over before (while mom was here, so even younger than 1 month!), but I kept blaming it on him being on an incline. This time he was on the floor - perfectly flat. No excuses.

We are so in trouble!

Updated to add: Almost forgot! Logan smiled at Eric for the first time today. Eric is now appeased.


Scylla said...

Oliver is almost seven months, and he has only rolled over a handful of times. I think he has to be really strong to surmount the Buddha Belly.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I believe it. He will be Incredible Hulk Baby - rippling with muscles, just to turn over. Emma will be rippling right along with him.

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