Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two Weeks

Observations thus far.

  1. Looks like Caitlin did when she was an infant. It was fun to pull out Caitlin's album and totally recognize her baby brother.
  2. Has dark blue eyes. Who knows if they will stay that way? Caitlin's went to a dark blue grey and change to green when she's upset.
  3. Really likes breast milk and only tolerates formula if nothing else is available and he's really hungry.
  4. Has three "stork bites" - one on each eyelid and one in between his brows. Hopefully those will fade in time, otherwise his career in professional poker playing will die aborning!
  5. Upon waking, goes through a few minutes of lip smacking, anticipating milk to come.
  6. Cries if it takes you too long to change his diaper.
  7. Has thrown up on Eric at least 2-3 times, peed on all of us and my sofa and goes through diapers like the King of Poop and Pee. Caitlin was our last reining Queen of Poop and Pee, I think he's at least in the running.
  8. Nurses hard. Like those 4 ounces are a challenge.
  9. Bites me harder than Emma does.
  10. Has seriously long and elegant fingers and teeny tiny elegant little fingernails.
  11. Started holding his head up inside the first week.
  12. Is very awake and aware - he likes to observe the world quietly. He was looking around within the first week as well.
  13. Likes to be bounced around by Eric while waiting in the queue for milk.
  14. Smiles in his sleep and while nursing in a ridiculously endearing manner. Haven't caught it on film yet.
Quilt by Ellen. Super cute! The detail is on the flip side, but I shot it on the reverse.
Close up.
Big sister.
  1. Mom says she looks just like I did as an infant. If that's the case, I had edible cheeks. Ooh, I wanna snack on them!
  2. When she smiles in her sleep, I feel like I recognize her. Is that me I see?
  3. Really likes breast milk but has no problem with formula. This would be why she has +4 oz on Logan and refuses to be referred to as his "little" sister.
  4. Had no interest in opening her eyes the first week, is doing so now and is checking out the world. The parts that have milk in it are fascinating!
  5. Her eyes are a funny color that is hard for my brain to translate: charcoal grey brown blue. What does that mean? She may possibly have brown eyes.
  6. When she first wakes up she starts crying and turns bright red almost immediately. She has no patience, this one!
  7. Makes funny little noises like a pig or a horse while sleeping.
  8. Also has really long and elegant fingers. Maybe they'll play duets on the piano when they're older?
  9. Is very hard to burp. You may call it "lady-like" I call it "Wakes up 30 minutes after nursing because of gas."
  10. Smiles in her sleep and while nursing in a ridiculously endearing manner. Haven't caught it on film yet.
  11. Got a cold from Eric, who got it from Caitlin, who brought home from school. She has been at the mercy of the nose sucker for days. Poor thing!
  12. Doesn't bite as hard as her brother, but doesn't open her mouth up enough. She does look very cute with her lips pursed, though.
  13. Has been holding her head up for the last week as well. Until it becomes too heavy and then she flops over again like a ragdoll.
  14. Likes to sleep on your chest with her hands folded under her head. Ahhn!
Note how her outfit nicely matches the quilt. Serendipity!
Check out that quilt! Thanks Ellen!


Ali said...

Okay, the fact that you still find time to blog makes you my new hero. I can't even find time and all I'm doing is... wait, what the hell am I doing?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

You're gestating. The first time around it takes a lot of work. Someone has to keep track of creating all those fingers and toes! : )

I currently have both Eric and my mom around full time, so I really am mostly just nursing constantly. They are taking care of all the housework. Besides, if I don't edit the pics and write this stuff down, no one else will. Then where will we be in a few months/years when the twins want to know where their baby books are?

So just think of me as a professional slacker everywhere else. : )

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