Monday, October 22, 2007

Doctor! Doctor!

We took the twins in for their "two week" check up. Only they're 3.5 weeks old. It was because they were doing so well at their 4 days post hospital visit that they decided we didn't need to bring them in for the actual 2 week visit. So they asked us to push it out farther. So we did.

What did we learn today? That Emma is a monster!


  • Height: 20.5" (25th-50th%)
  • Weight 8 lb 11 oz (~50th%)
  • Head circumference: 14.5" (~50%)
  • Height: 20.5" (10-25%)
  • Weight 8 lb .03 oz (10-25%)
  • Head circumference: 14.5" (~25%)
Many kudos from the RN about the babies - strength, awareness, weights, growth, looks. A balm to my weary soul. It's always nice to have your babies admired by professionals.

Grandparental units do not worry about the difference in their weights! They are just different. A weight gain of 1 oz per day is average; Emma just happens to be way above average while Logan is right on track. Just thought I'd pre-emptively ward off any concerns there.

Now if only they'd sleep more....

Oh and Hello! I have a migraine today and all of my migraine meds are expired, since I haven't had one in a long time. Instead I'm making do with a bunch of Ibuprofen and caffeine pills. Whee!

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