Thursday, October 25, 2007

Four weeks

So here's the question: do I talk about 4 weeks when their one month anniversary is coming up Saturday or do I just talk about them on Saturday?

Or do both?

Well, considering I have a wide awake Logan on my chest, I'll talk a little now and maybe do pictures on Saturday. It's not easy to get a lot of anything done when they're awake and so little time when they're asleep that things like running errands or paying bills often take precedence. Pesky bills!

  1. Is very good at holding his head up right up until he stops and then crashes into my collar bone or falls over onto my arm from the sheer weight of his huuuuge noggin!
  2. Says he still hates formula and would rather fall asleep and wait for a refill than drink it.
  3. Seems to be developing a sense of humor, since he smiles sometimes when I beep his tiny nose or nibble on his cheeks.
  4. Puts weight on his feet and "stands" when you hold him up.
  5. Likes "tummy time" for a few minutes at a stretch and holds his head way up while on his tummy. He's very strong.
  6. Has flipped over while on his tummy when on a slight incline. I don't think he's that advanced, it's just that he managed to shove hard enough to flip over.
  7. Likes looking at light and contrasts way more than Emma.
  8. Is more willing to hang out alone in a vibrating chair or car seat, awake, than Emma is.
  9. Has smiled at me 4 times in response to me smiling at him. Yay baby smiles!
  10. Is still the reigning spit up champion.
  1. Still won't open her mouth wide enough.
  2. Likes being swung around in her car seat.
  3. Is hungry an awful lot.
  4. Likes looking at me but won't often look Eric in the eye.
  5. Gets hiccups a lot.
  6. Makes a funny little noise after she's done sneezing, as if she was about to sneeze, but then got distracted and sighed instead.
  7. Does not appreciate tummy time.
  8. Holds her head up for awhile and then lets it fall limply to one side, as if to say "Phew! That's one heavy noggin!"
  9. Is not interested in smiling yet, but says she'll think about it.
  10. Is still smaller that Caitlin was at 1 month. Caitlin weighed 10.5 lbs, while Emma is still "only" 8 lbs 11 oz (+/- 4 oz or so, now that it's 4 days later). Who's the Chunky Monkey now?

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