Sunday, October 28, 2007

Family photos

Mom wanted me to shoot some pictures for her Xmas card this year that would include her and dad and all of their grandchildren. I gave it the old college try, but I was thwarted by crying. I think she ought to create a title on this card that says "Don't cry! It's almost Christmas!"
Note the only one not crying is Caitlin. What's her problem? Didn't she get the memo? And yes, this was the best shot out of the full grandkid bunch.

Along the way to Xmas 2007 Mishap, I got a few other pictures in. Or Eric did.
Caitlin and bunny puppet.
Cindy and Daniel.

Dad and Emma.
Emma, wondering what all the noise is about.
The family, missing one Eldest Sister. She had to hightail it outta there the day before to get back to that "work" thing.
Dad and Emma, extreme close up. This is where having a digital SLR and Photoshop rocks! I went from this picture:

To this:
They look like they're having a little conversation. Emma is regaling dad with stories about Milk or is gasping in surprise at his stories about how big the fish he last caught was. It's a keeper and will go in her baby book, just like the one with Logan and dad will be going in Logan's book.

No, I haven't created the books yet, but I've got lots of thoughts going on about what all will be going in them.
Mom, Eric and the twins.
Mom and Emma. Mom kept threatening to take either Emma or Logan home with her and I kept telling her she'd be hard up without breastmilk, since Logan won't drink anything else. Now I bet she's glad she didn't choose Emma since she's the one that has thrush the worst of the two. I'm beginning to get the feeling that Emma's immune system is a bit weaker than Logan's.

Different set of pics, different day. Clearly I should have broken the big flash out sooner.

Rare evidence of dad washing dishes. I never saw him wash a single dish while I was growing up. He cleaned fish, not dishes!
Mom, Dawn and I, with the twins.
Rare photo of dad and I together. Usually I'm taking the pictures, which is why I'm never in them. It's safer that way. I shoot a better picture than I take, if you know what I mean.

Best shot of Daniel.


Swistle said...

Oh, it is SO HARD to get good group shots! My parents do a FEW photos in their cards, now: One of, say, grandpa and granddaughter, one of grandma and twins, one of grandparents and bigger kids.

Cropping ROCKS! BECAUSE it's so hard to get a good group shot, I've had a lot of photos that were comically bad but had one super-good element, and I've cropped so I get just the good stuff.

cindy said...

that's actually not a bad idea swistle, on the front of said card could be a series of individual pics of Mom and Dad w/ the kiddies.

cool pics btw! Can you email me the one of Daniel? (please!)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Waaaait a minute! Who, exactly, is making said card?

Mom? Jamie? Moi?

First I'm photographing the card, now I'm designing? Scope creep!


(Just so you don't get yer knickers in a twist, I'm mostly joking. Although it IS a time suck to design a card. I don't even know what I'll be doing for MY Xmas cards this year. Or if they'll get out before Xmas!)

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